Alexander Wang x H&M

by sunnyfong

Alexander Wang’s collaboration with H&M is almost here. Unfortunately, I feel like it’s a little derivative. Appropriation is not always a negative thing because I see some influences from Calvin Klein (old and new) and Raf Simons; both are seasoned masters of design, but this time I’m not feeling it. It’s almost too similar to something Hood By Air or Public School is doing now. No doubt Wang is a visionary and these silhouettes are going to be hugely influential in streetwear for the next while but I was hoping to see something more innovative. Less goth ski bunny and more sophisticated. Regardless, this will fly off the racks and spark a few aisle fights much like previous capsule collections have resulted in. While I was in Hong Kong, Marni’s collaboration was being released and a fashion friend noted that HKers hired Indian homeless men to line up for collection releases all night until morning. I wondered how many of those fashionista shitheads didn’t recognize their slave in line. Regardless, this will sell well. But I’m not impressed by the guy stuff or the price point ($200 USD jackets and $349 USD pants).
3Am I missing something in thinking this leather jacket looks cheaper than the usual ones I see at H&M?

4I kinda dig the bag but if it’s over $50, I’ll stick with my $5 H&M one that’s very similar.

5This is Calvin Klein with dry skin on the arms.

6I actually like the women’s stuff way more. Cool prints, a bit of Norma Kamali meets a waitress at the Viper Room hitting the slopes.

www.vogue.comThe length of this jacket, the cheap boots($199 USD!) and the vertebrae print is just all wrong. Or it’s incredibly on trend and I’m totally out of it.

7I’ll leave you with the most beautiful piece I’ve seen. Unfortunately it’s a dress. But how cool would it be if there was a men’s shirt that looks like that?

And how did they miss putting the “Wang” logo on the crotch? I’ll be in Hong Kong on the day it is released so I’ll report back on the lineups. But I’ll be spending my money elsewhere.