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McFashion Week 2010

For fashion week, I believe some of the tents will be doing this kinda marketing shtick on McDonald’s food. God forbid fashion people have to eat a McChicken without a label in their face.

I wonder if the prices will reflect the assigned brand. Fuck it, give me a T.J. Maxx sundae.


Why is everyone giving any two shits about these new sweaters?
I have since forgotten who they are by, where you can get them and why they’re “fabulous.” I’m a bad fashion reporter but these are apparently a big deal. Opening Ceremony? Collette? I honestly forgot (if you know, give me a poke please). I think they’re 1200 euros or something. That is 1200 euros I won’t be spending. It won’t even keep you warm!

It kinda looks like my cat (if I had a cat) hacked up all over this guy.


PS: I think Seasonal Affective Disorder and clinical depression is making me hate fashion this month. So watch out.

Good morning



Star Wars to someone who hasn’t seen it…

Okay, before I watch the clip below (already cued up), I’m going to attempt to retell Star Wars even though I’ve never actually seen it.

There is a guy named Hans Solo… He is a son of someone and trained with some kind of master to protect the universe? Or be some kind of galactic warrior, soldier? No idea.

Anyway, Hans Solo was given up by his dad or something and then intergalactic warfare happened. So he sets off to find his dad and to fight… On his travels, he meets C-3PO or whatever his name is. C-3PO and R2D2 are escaped androids from the war?

Uh… He then befriends Carrie Fisher’s character… And they fall in love kinda.. But he never really wants to fuck her because… He traveled backwards in time and she’s really his sister or mother?

And then there’s whoever Harrison Ford is.. Wait, or is that Indiana Jones? I think Harrison Ford is in it.. And him and Chewbacca meet with them.. And the Ewoks try to kill them or something.. And they all get smoked.

And Darth Vader is Hans Solo’s father? And Yoda is some mystical czar or oracle… I have no idea what a death star is.. Is that the planet or a ship? Storm Troopers come and kill stuff. And one Storm Trooper extra hits his head on a ceiling in the background in one of the scenes. I know that.

And Hans Solo eventually faces off with his father, Darth Vader. Who has the dark force or something. And he kills Darth but Darth disappears so he isn’t really sure..

The end? Uh…..

Well, she knows more than me.

I feel like I’ve found my brain. And it’s in the form of a website.
Minus all the tits.

All images from

It’s what I want to say with my style carnage site but I wasn’t genius enough to do it without writing one single word.

But again, minus the tits.

Okay, I am actually getting freaked out. I have a ton of those images saved in my own hard drive as well. Out of the thousands of Terry Richardson photographs, he/she posts the one that I love the most. There’s a photo of a bathroom that I JUST cut out yesterday from a magazine… I just downloaded Black and White by Michael Jackson… The list goes on. The more I click, the more of I feel like I started this site up when I was sleepwalking or something. Help… I’m afraid.

EDIT: I just saw a photo of Bill Murray! Wtf… I am obsessed with Bill Murray… he has nothing to do with fashion. I’m seriously scared! Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich! If I see anything obscure from TV Carnage, I’m going to throw up…

Cat Makeup Boy, what’s your name?

There’s so much left to see in the world..

I don’t want to close my eyes…

Or I might miss…


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