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That’s a funny story, Mark


Wow, you look so sexy male models!

Oh hi, male models!

Emporio Armani

Inspired by a second screening of The Room tonight in Toronto (yes, I have spoons and roses ready), let’s take a look at a reoccurring trend for both the Fall 2009 women’s collections and the men’s Spring 2010: red.

Poker chic at Lanvin.

Dsquared has gone fishing.

Yes, the skate is very fresh ma’am…

Bottega Veneta is seeing red for spring… Is this a pomegranate or a lobster? Venetian sunset?

My corneas just melted.

Professor Watanabe’s marker is red at Comme des Garçons.

A beautiful red jizz rag at Adam Kimmel.

The blood of a samurai runs bright at John Galliano.

Red rains on Burberry’s spring collection.

God, I am so fucking excited for tonight!


In cotton shorts, a Topshop henley and Purcells.

Thought I looked kinda naked for some reason. I actually have a thing about waiting for people in changerooms. Maybe I should be a personal stylist or something. Or maybe I could be club chair (God, I really gotta find a new job).

What was great is that the salesperson who kept coming over to check on my friend overheard me talking about The Room and she rushed right over:
“Tommy Wiseau? Omg, did you know it cost 6 million to make that movie?”
I just stared at her in shock as I was caught off guard. I responded, “you know The Room?”

I told her that I was glad that we had found each other. I’m going to have to go back to the mall and let her know that The Room is screening at The Royal soon!

Liz tried to buy too many white and purple empire jersey tops. I did not let her buy them though, I did naaaat.

I save dem bundles

I did naaat

Hi Doggie

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