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This Roving Swag

So not only am I a little pissed that I didn’t get invited to the recent Tommy Hilfiger dinner, I didn’t get asked to give away any Tommy swag. Me! The ultimate Tommy Hilfiger fan! What the fuck, man!? I’ve been blogging about Tommy Hilfiger throughout this blog. Here, here and even recently! Sheesh. Take note, Tommy Hilfiger’s people! If one person can work the TH label, it’s this former suburbanite.

Anyway, the very stylish Jason Hudson of These Roving Eyes was asked to give away some Tommy swag and he makes it much easier than my contest to win something. See below:

Enter here.

As mentioned before, Jason is one of those bloggers that just makes me feel baaaaaaaaaaaad. He’s throwing fancy parties with seasonal tabletops and I’m burning taco shells in my shitty 50’s oven. He’s wearing bowties, chukka boots and probably deodorant. I’m wearing a children’s Zoo York t-shirt (kids clothing used to not have PST on it so suck it) and $1 Chinatown sweatpants that have a hole in the crotch so big, you can totally see my balls. I bet Jason wears some kinda light luxury pajamas to bed with a cap or something. I can just seem him shuffling around in the dark in his Tom Ford slippers, looking for the light switch.

If one person I know gets to receive free Tommy shit, I’m glad it’s Jason because he’s very nice. Anyway, check out his contest.

Also, speaking of Tommy Hilfiger, if anyone knows where I can get this in North America, please please please let me know.


Chirp chirp

I hate to admit that I like this 25th anniversary cricket sweater.
I feel a Tommy Hilfiger comeback coming for summer 2011. Even though it’s considered pedestrian-wear, I’ve always had a fondness for Hilfiger. Maybe because as a teenager, my closet was full of Tommy coats, shirts, braided belts and other prepster (sub)urban gear.

Tommy, if you’re out there, please hire me to be on your creative team. I would love to revamp the line but it looks like you’re doing alright so far. In fact, the advertising and stores have been looking quite good in the last year. The once global brand didn’t quite catch up with what the kids were wearing but a full-on resurgence of the 90’s is inevitable. Let’s just hope designers can take it on with a modern twist. I’m already seeing too many girls in flowered dresses over tights with a shitty over-the-shoulder pochette. Right out of a music video for The Heights.

Tommy needs to continue upping the ante with more luxury and limited edition goods. Hey, start sending shit to Snoop Dogg again. Send him a sheeny three piece suit, some baggy sweaters and some luggage. Give the kids something they can’t afford. There’s so much potential for a preppy line, an urban capsule collection, a collaboration with Woolrich or Barbour…

For now, I’m going to dig out my old polos with the seersucker lining and wait for something exciting to happen over at TH.

Street Etiquette

For the last 10 years, I’ve been saying that Tommy Hilfiger should make a real creative comeback. Not that he needs it since his lines are still selling like crazy. But it would be nice to see a capsule collection or a huge rebranding initiative that targets the brothers and chinks again. Good thing the doods from Street Etiquette agree with me!

A beautiful shot from Street Etiquette:

The man wears TH very well.

I was a huge Tommy Hilfiger fan all throughout the 90’s and I started wearing my tucked in polos again in 2006 when I was doing a lot of business meetings off-site. The perfect business casual outfit was a pair of structured khakis, brown lace-ups and a navy blue Tommy polo with a crest and seersucker lining.

All this Tommy talk makes me want to pull out the rest of my Tommy Hilfiger stuff from the 90’s. Too bad my mother has taken my shirts hostage and she wears them to garden. But from what I remember, I have:
– a Tommy windbreaker
– 5 polos in blue, navy blue, red, white, black
– Tommy Hilfiger jeans
– a Tommy Hilfiger logo down jacket (that got stolen from my clothesline)
– a Tommy Hilfiger athletic zip-up
– Tommy Hilfiger braided belt
– Tommy Hilfiger socks and t-shirts

So Tommy! Let me design a capsule collection! We’ll get a whole whack of hot skinny teenagers to model the gear and throw every Tom, Dick and Jermaine a free pair. I see limited edition motorcross jackets for Jay-Z and Common. I see a revamping of the logo. I see primary colours, a new fragrance, a furniture line and a Kaws collaboration. Pick me! Pick me!

Anyway, please check out Street Etiquette, one of my favourite sites.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2009

There’s something about these ads that turn me on. Maybe because America is in such turmoil right now that every red/white/blue reference in a positive light makes me happy.

There’s definitely a certain kind of Americana glamour missing from fashion these days so I really appreciate this new campaign. It’s fresh, well shot and the clothes are almost exquisite.

Even though he single-handedly set off logomania in the 90’s and possibly created a generation of suburban prepsters, I’ve always thought he was a good designer.
Tommy Hilfiger needs to make a big hip hop comeback again! Tommy! Hire a young designer to head a new street line! You need to rebrand! Let me do it for you! We can take over Ralph together!

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