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I literally found this blazer underneath a pile of stuffed animals at a junk shop near my place. It’s an old jacket from England. I checked it for bugs and asked if I can pay $5 for it. After I cleaned it, I rebuttoned it with some buttons from MacFab.

Fits me like a glove. It’s like it was tailored for me personally. Best vintage find ever. And of course, I can’t have a jacket without my Tom Ford pocket square.

Unfortunately, I was walking and my lapels were shifted in this picture but I assure you, the suit fit my chest.

These are my favourite kind of scores.


Oscar Aftermath

Here’s a quick look at a few of the fellas at the Vanity Fair afterparty hosted by Graydon Carter (Editor).

I’m starting to really like 50 Cent. Kanye’s all in people’s faces but 50 Cent is slowly becoming the much more cooler guy in the background without any identity crises to wax poetic about. Just chillin’.

Tom Ford looked incredibly smart in his one-button velvet jacket in a subtle enough blue to be formal but stand out in the crowd of penguins. This get-up is very him. I think he looks fantastic and I give him the Best Dressed nod.

Inside the Sunset, Jake Gyllenhaal and 50 Cent did some whiskey shots and then apparently performed a mutual jerkoff session in one of the private VIP restrooms. Or at least that’s what my sources say. And when I say sources, I mean my perverted brain.

Speaking of sword fights, doesn’t Anderson Cooper look absolutely giggly next to his hunky boytoy? Listen old guy, you’re kinda killin’ the hot guy buzz here.

Looks like Jude never fixed his bowtie even at the afterparty. Jude is so good looking, he’s one of the only actors who can get away with fucking his nanny and still seem like a really nice guy.

Ya know, it’s really hard to take your usual wardrobe and actually translate it to the Academy Awards. But I’ll give it to the Biebs this time since he has been getting so much hate lately. Abortions shmabortions, Justin!

I’m done with JT. He’s smug, obnoxious and walks around like he’s God’s gift to the arts. I thought he was horrible in The Social Network but I’d still lick his taint. I just want to fuck his mouth so he’d shut the fuck up.

I’m not sure which slut accompanied him (I don’t really look at females all that much) but the top of her dress is very interesting and flattering. I’m mostly jealous that she knows what JT’s cum tastes like. So unfair.

And for the hell of it, here are a few obligatory trainwreck Worst Dressed contenders:

Madonna showed up before heading to her own afterafterparty at her Manager’s home (co-hosted with Demi) looking trampier than her 14-year-old daughter. Big points off for the very un-PC fur detail. Unless it’s made out of Carlos Leon’s pubic hair.

What has Rita Wilson done other than wear tacky expensive clothing all the time and blow Tom Hanks? She is the epitome of celebrity style: tasteless, fake and unoriginal.

It’s the Oscars, not the opening night of a new Persian restaurant.

Joan Collins still looking like a widow who obviously killed her rich husband but no one dares to say anything. 1987 called, Joan.

I don’t even know who this is. Is she from Gossip Girl or that show Glee? Anyway, I just vomited in my own mouth. Hands down, the worst outfit all night.

And because I have to watch some Law & Order now, I’ll leave you with this again because I love it so much:

French Vogue = Prostitots?

Or as my friend Kmac would say “painted whore babies.”

Tom Ford guest-edited a very controversial December issue of the very influential and widely read magazine French Vogue. Here is a quick look! This is my cadeau to you…

I think Tara McGinley was wrong to immediately project latent pedophilia onto these images. As a person who works used to work with children, I absolutely think sexualizing children is immoral and unethical. But I also think people sometimes jump to conclusions. I would’ve never thought that these kids looked like “whores” until she mentioned it in her post. I’m more fascinated by the provocative nature of the styling. They don’t look like prostitutes at all. They look like overly glammed up Park Avenue princesses which brings up issues about standards of beauty, feminism and the sexualizing of children in art (which is different than child pornography).

And yes, I studied semiotics and ethics in advertising but I think calling these models “whores” is not only kinda douchey but is a bit of a stretch.
Just to compare, here are what real prostitutes look like:

Anyway, this is fashion carnage at its best!

Pants on the ground

Tom Ford Affords

Yup, that was Tom Ford’s (former?) home.

Tom Ford the Director

Directed by Tom Ford, A Single Man is based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. Set in Los Angeles in 1962, at the height of the Gucci missile crisis, it’s the story of a British college professor (Colin Firth) who is struggling to find Gucci in his life after the death of his long time partner. The story is a romantic tale of love interrupted, the isolation that is an inherent part of the Gucci, and ultimately the importance of the seemingly smaller accessories in life.

My hero…

Mr. Stern on Letterman, busting Dave’s balls once again…

The reason why I’m posting this? I’m a huge Howard Stern Superfan and of course, I was curious to see the Tom Ford outfit he wore to his wedding.
Very chic, Howard! I think Ralph actually did a great job pairing a cool tee with your suit.

And nice black Purcells too! A subtle casual rock and roll but still fashionable touch.

Fuck Ralph. Long live Howard!

Ways of seeing…

I tried these on at some optical place last weekend. New Tom Ford frames.

I need the Wayfarer to die. Unless they’re Persols. Those are still pretty neat. Vintage Persols though. Not the new ones. *scoff*

These Tom Ford glasses are really chic but kind of shoddy. Val noticed that the detailing on the sides don’t match up at the bend. For $479, they should match up.
But if I do get them, I’ll for sure be this for Halloween:

All three of my grandparents wore these glasses so I’ve always wanted a pair.
I was always scared to get a pair because I was afraid that they’d think I was mocking them.

But they’re all dead so I guess now it can be somewhat of a sartorial tribute.

Uncle Tom

Tom Ford gettin’ his squeeze on with me at a pre-party at LAX Las Vegas.

Let the stampede begin!

Ever since I tried on a Keith Haring/McQ jacket on Queen West, I fell more in love with this bad boy designer’s streetwear. But $1500 for a jacket from a secondary line? COME ON, Al. Give a guy on Employment Insurance a break here!

I’ll wait patiently for something that I can afford. For now, people with vaginas (and androgynous Thai lady boy fashionistos who can wear anything like Bryanboy) are being thrown a bone.

The countdown is on for an McQ by Alexander McQueen line for Target.
McQ Target McQueen

A rose shift dress for $49?
A structured asymmetrical denim jacket for $60?

Watch out opening day or you’ll get trampled by fashionistas! Bring lots of padding or you just might get a kitten mule heel in your pelvis.

When Tom Ford previewed a small accessories line for Walmart last winter, this is what happened:

If you look closely, you can see Bryanboy on the upper left. Rumour (ya, that is the Canadian spelling, suck it American blog surfers) has it that Bryanboy also scored a flat screen Toshiba for $499.

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