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Pimp & Circumstance

Thom Browne’s Paris show for Spring 2012. No other words necessary.


Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

I want whatever Thom Browne is smoking.

Fuck the Systsem

Robert Geller for Levi’s

Looks like Robert Geller’s new collection for Levi’s is coming out. Earlier this year, GQ and CFDA awarded him 50, 000 big ones and gig designing a limited line for the most famous denim makers in the world. The panel who went included CFDA winner, Thom Browne and GQ Editor-in-Chief, Jim Nelson. Geller beat out numerous contemporaries:
Benjamin Bixby

Rogues Gallery

Save Khaki

Shipley & Halmos

and Yigal Azrouel

All pretty big up-and-coming menswear talents. Who knew that Andre 3000 knew anything about fashion? I’m actually not interested in his line all that much but I hope he kicks Kanye’s ass. Just cuz.

Anyway, this was the first promotional photo sent out:

His modern take on the classic jean jacket. The crop is lower like a military jacket and it’s lined in a schoolboy sweater-type print. If I am not mistaken, the torso is slightly cinched for a more 21st century silhouette.

A unique wash for the classic chambray.

I love chambray shirts (they remind me of my father) but I’m not really into this as I find gradients unattractive and too shticky. But I do love denim paired with a beautiful watch with a black leather strap. I actually am a huge fan of black and blue even though the general public considers it a faux pas. Not in the fashion world, it’s not!

I really love the wash of those jeans. And the cut is perfect. I like skinny jeans but not when they’re skin tight. It’s just too extreme. These are both chic but won’t make you look like a poser. The vest is played out though.
The jacket on the right is a brilliant piece design-wise. It’s got this great anorak/slicker vibe to it and I wonder if it’s functional in the rain. Unlikely. I love how the off-white shirt looks with the dark denim: dirty vs. clean. Hard to pull off. Being short, I would look like a kid playing dress-up in my daddy’s closet.

Robert Geller’s new collection for Levi’s is available at any store that makes you feel like shit when you walk in the door.

Fashion Carnage – Fall 2009 Menswear Collections – 4

I recently stumbled upon a fork in the road…

This one?
This one?

I guess it depends on which one has a better chance of getting me laid at my out-of-town work conferences.

This also doubles as a naked Al Roker fat suit for Halloween.

I like Robert Geller’s Cloris Leachman as an apocalyptic neo-goth vision but sometimes I wonder what goes on in a designer’s mind when they conjure up something like this? I guess someone’s gotta meet the needs of the nelly bottom demographic. This outfit is more effective than a giant tattoo on his forehead that says “I’m totally into ATM.”

This would be the perfect outfit for a disgruntled former Keebler plant employee to wear while he offed 6 of his coworkers (and injuring one innocent deliveryman).

In case anyone missed it, this guy’s wearing BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS.

More to come…

Hazy Sunday Morning

This is really the only thing that is keeping me alive today. After a night of smoking pot (I didn’t inhale) and pkaying Risk, I am definitely not functioning today. I keep nodding off or zoning out… Until I look at this. And then I’m wide awake for a few minutes.

Once again, Thom Browne’s clothing is like a shot of espresso!

Thom Browne’s legs

What is with Thom Browne’s obsession with his legs?

He shows his thighs more than a Rockette at an audition.

What’s happening for Fall 2009? *fog horn*

Re-run chic for Fall 09, anyone?

Not feeling the beret though so I hope the beret never comes back in style. But the runways look like stuff present day Re-run would wear.

I’m thinking the fall season is all about plaids, patterns, grandfather knits, older looking muted colours mixed with pure hues, browns and softer textures like velour, velvet, corduroy and even softer denim. Things like unique buttons and toggles are totally hot. And it’s all things that I personally love.
Also, I think Kanye (God forbid) has had a bit of an influence on this year’s stuff, I hate to admit it. The mix of urban prep and Americana is happening again on the runways. If anyone has any reports on Fall 2009 runway music selections, hit me up!

Band of Outsiders:

Tim Hamilton:

Thom Browne:


Rag & Bone:

Looks like things are getting a little geekier and strategically baggier.

Ya, berets remind me of smelly Frenchmen who don’t tip.

God, I miss Paris. 😦

The Thom Browne pant length in action

Way before Thom Browne won a CFDA Award, there were a couple of guys singing some cute song about being in love with a girl.

The moves, the suits, the pant length is just short enough to showcase a little bit of the jive.

One of the most inspiring and stylish music videos ever.

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