Bottled water? I’m tapping out…

I love water. All my friends know that I love water. It’s not a joke. I drink water all the time. I prefer water over any other beverage. If I can’t get hot jasmine tea or oolong, I’ll drink hot water. Sometimes I drink hot water as a snack. Maybe it’s a Chinese thing. I love a good mug of boiled water. I like getting into bed: freshly dried sheets, a good pair of comfy boxers, a soft t-shirt, a copy of Time Magazine and my mug of water.

I used to drink a lot of Aquafina because it was the cheapest softer water that I could find at Costco. $2.99 for a case of 24 is a steal. Who can afford that Fuji shit? And don’t get me started on how gross and bitter Evian tastes to me. Not a thirst-quenching drink at all. Now I rarely drink bottled water. Haven’t really touched it in a long time.

I’m definitely a bit of a a water connoisseur and can even differentiate between brands. But my favourite kind of water is from my tap. Good ol’ hard, metallic Toronto water in my translucent high-ball.

I’m finishing up the last case of bottled water and I’ll never drink it again if I don’t have to. It’s just not appealing anymore considering it’s totally not environmentally-friendly and frankly, it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Maybe my tastebuds have changed since I quit smoking in September.

What’s interesting is that these days, bottled water drinkers are increasingly being shamed much like smokers are. It has been banned in city buildings and we have a no bottled water policy at my office (which I am a huge fan of).

In London, the Mayor and Thames Water teamed up in May to launch a design competition for a water carafe that will be circulating in London restaurants this spring.
This winning design by London-based industrial designer Neil Barron called Tap Top is not only chic and made from recycled materials but the carafe is recyclable itself.

There were over 100 entries but only Barron’s top-prize drip-free design came away with cool 5K and is currently the only carafe out of the lot being manufactured. You can view a gallery of shortlisted submissions here.

Barron’s glass carafe with four spouts that function as ice trappers is currently being pitched to the hospitality industry and is potentially being made available to the general public. If someone knows where I can get one, please let me know.