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Sean Avery’s Buttcrack by Terry Richardson




Hey Sloppy Seconds, leave Sean alone.


What has two thumbs…

Tickling my mind grapes

I love this photograph of Tracy Morgan, my personal hero. Photographed by another personal hero, Terry Richardson.

Terry Richardson shoots Jersey Shore

I wish he had actually shot them with a gun. But regardless, these are pretty entertaining.

Obama approves!

Purple Nurple

I love this Terry Richardson editorial on luxury watches. He’s such a perv.

I also want that watch. Not really into gold but it depends on what kind of gold. That watch is money.

Patek Phillipe gold watch. Probably 15K or something.

Uncle Tom

Tom Ford gettin’ his squeeze on with me at a pre-party at LAX Las Vegas.

Vincent Gallo skeeves me out…

Image taken off of this gem of a site.
Hey look, they even have a pic of those Clarks desert boots I recommended!

Vincent Gallo seems to pop up everywhere like a weird rash that you didn’t notice until the tag on your shirt rubbed up against it.
Not only was he pegging Belvedere Vodka with Terry Richardson not too long ago, he is now the spokeswhore for H&M’s Spring 2009 campaign.

He just kinda annoys me because he’s what Joaquin Phoenix aspires to be but doesn’t have to try. It scares me to think that this man can put out an album that was kinda shitty, a film that was a semi-hit, pimp himself out as a prostitute and still get taken seriously enough to be offered to write and direct the new Captain America film.

He has since walked off the project citing creative differences but continues to infest our magazines and minds.

I met him once at a Bruce Weber event in Toronto and he not only had the foulest breath but the guy was 4 feet tall and had size 18 feet. Unless it was just the shoes:

Regardless, it is nice to see Oshawa-born Shalom Harlow back in the spotlight a little more. She has been getting steady work for the last few years but I think she’s going to make a major comeback for a bigger house. You’ll be seeing more of her in the new H&M ads as well next to Gallo and Eva Herzigova.
She’s an incredible model to say the least and one of my personal favourites.

Known to be a bit of a ditz but she has some of the most amazing features when photographed by the right people.

But I’m going to let Shalom redeem herself a little because us Canadians gotta stick up for each other:

I saw bring back some of those models when things were a little more about glamour and less about irony. Nadja! Stella! Karen Elson! Where y’all at, bitches?
Screw you, Agyness!

I don’t get your appeal.

Keiichi Nitta – If the coattails fit…

Now, I do snapshot work as well with work that has spanned over 10 years. I was definitely influenced by Wolfgang Tillmans’ aesthetics and Nan Goldin’s sensibilities. But I like to think I add my own cultural edge to my work.
lok making corn
I still love my point-and-shoots cameras.
In fact, yesterday I purchased another little camera for $15… So I’ll probably do some more shooting as the weather gets nicer.

But Terry Richardson’s gotta be pissed that his long-time assistant is now making a name for himself… Doing the exact same kind of photography… I mean, if I were assisting for someone for 6 years, I’d probably expand beyond what I get to see every single day. But hey, I’m unemployed, sick, in therapy and broke. While Keiichi-san over here is being cupped by one of the biggest names in fashion.

Tom Ford always seemed kinda stiff to me even in those ass-baring W Magazine photos but here he looks pretty playful. And Keiichi is the stiff one in this scenario.

Wasting more time…

I hate the random flickr photos for the Facebook “Your CD Cover” time waster activity. All the photos are shot with DSLRs and perfect and pristine. BORING.

I did a second attempt, this time with my own photo choice.

Much better.

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