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Florsheim by Duckie Brown Summer 2011

I’ve been having a love affair with Florsheim by Duckie Brown for a while now. I can’t get enough of them and I wish I could buy all of these. Every single one. And all of the previous seasons too. Unfortunately, I only have a pair of red penny loafers.

A gander at some of the Summer 2011 looks…


The return of Rockport

Not that Rockport was ever all that hip or stylish. Known more for Dad-ish comfortable footwear, they’ve released a whole new line that is geared toward the stylish set.
I’m looking forward to seeing them in person.

Shoes Omg

Men in heels. Um.

From The Toronto Star:
“…Take Montrealer Cary Tauben, a stylist and fashion editor of Kill Magazine, Tauben attended the Jeremy Laing presentation at New York fashion week last month in the hipster attire of a grungy rock star – tight black jeans, leather jacket, and knit beanie hat over waist-length black hair. But on his feet, were a pair of European size 41 women’s high-heeled boots, a purchase from the fashion mecca of trendiness, Top Shop.

Tauben got hooked on heels a few years ago when he bought a pair from uber-cool New York boutique Opening Ceremony [now which of his irritating fruitfly friends told him this was okay?].

“I’ve never looked back. Now I rarely wear flat shoes, probably only on airplanes [what about when you’re roofing?],” he says.

Sales staff in the women’s shoe department didn’t flinch when Tauben tried on thigh-high Rodarte boots at the Barney’s Warehouse sale earlier that day.

“I think because of my overall style, they don’t second-guess me. They can tell I care about fancy shoes [Right, because Topshop is so fancy].”

This might sound a little homophobic but: what a bunch of faggots.

Not actually necessary

This spring weather is making me antsy. I wanna put that winter coat away soon. It also has me thinking about shopping. I checked out Need Supply’s site today and found some cool shit…

1000 Mile Boot. Super classic. Looks comfy too. I’m all about boots in nice weather. It’s not as impractical as you think. All these dirty feet shitheads with their flip flops and thong sandals. Yuck.

This shirt is either super cool or fucking obnoxious.

Two bags I really dig. I’m starting to think about cool shit I can get when I start cycling to work.

I have a thing about leather goods with a raw edge that’s a different colour.

I like the simplicity of this bag. It’s more classic than the usual Ben Sherman stuff.

What do y’all think about red shorts?

I don’t like anything about this outfit but I want him to get on top of me.

YIKES! On sale! Surprise, surprise.

Check out more neat stuff here.

Still haven’t found shoes yet…

Vinder and I went to the mall and looked at tons of shoes. I still can’t find a relatively cheap pair for the office. But I found some more shoes that I dig…

I’d wear these if someone bought them for me. Just cuz they’re so out there.

These are cute.

I really want a new pair of old combat boots to replace the ones I wore in high school.

I’m indifferent to these now.

I would love to have these. I think I would wear them every day. Even in the summer.

I like the stripes on this. It’s got this pop art kinda feel to them.

The quest continues…

Shoes. Omg, Shoes.

Let’s get some shoes… Let’s get some shoes…

I was sitting on the subway last week and noticed this guy wearing the most amazing boots. I noticed the Timberland logo so I decided to do some research. I found this separate Timberland line called Boot Company (only available in the States as far as I know). These are some of my favourites:

Counterpane in taupe

Lost History Lace-up Chukka

Counterpane Cap-toe in black

I really like these Pumas by Mihara.


I think the more money that comes in from gigs, the more I’m looking at stuff. Too bad I’m saving up for a teeth cleaning since I no longer have benefits. Toofs before hoofs.

Cole, Rood & Haan

Cole Haan is releasing a heritage collection for Fall 2009. It was reported last winter but I mean, who fucking remembers this crap?

Here are a few shoes from the collection that I dig:

Sorta like a Cole Haan collection for the younger and hipper set.

Marc Ronson for Gucci

Speaking of Marc Ronson, he has teamed up with Gucci to design a line of footwear.

Even though he looks like a ponce and the photographs are dull as hell (tell me these aren’t the actual ads but just Reuters promos), I still want his superstar producer babies.

The shoes aren’t as hot as the Lanvin ones but I’d still want Marc to hang one on his boner for me.

A reluctant purchase today…

I accompanied Liz today on a summer clothes shopping trip. I saw so much stuff that I wanted but I just can’t afford it right now. Plus, I realized that I really have everything that I want: a great watch, a black shirt, a plaid shirt, slim jeans, motorcross jacket, denim jacket, brown jeans, khakis etc… Any piece that I want, I pretty much have already in my closet.

Even a lobster red piece, I have a beautiful cotton sweater that still has its tags on it. So I’m not really in the market for anything.

But I caved in and bought these Zuriick high tops. I just love the purple and grey combination.

Who needs to eat this week!

So who wants to come with me to return them? Hehe.

Ridiculously fake and fabulous

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