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Great Scott

Though I’m not interested in looking at people standing outside of fashion shows or people in the fashion industry at all to be frank, I still thumb through his book (thanks Robin for the great Christmas gift!) and his site to check out nutty teenagers, Wall Street businessmen and old pimps for style inspiration. I’ve been a long-time reader and supporter of his stuff mainly because he’s not a fashion photographer but a documentarian. I don’t think most of my buds would know who he is if I didn’t talk about him so much. And I think it’s amazing that he makes a living by doing what I love to do best when I’m out on the street: people watch.

Thanks to Liz for sharing this with me.


On the Sartorialist again

Some people lambaste plastic surgery and Botox but look at how many years it shaved off Fran Leibowitz.

It’s the lovechild of Stephen Colbert and Bjork.

Absolute perfection. What’s his number?

I love my people and will always back my brothers up, but I’m not feeling this. The colour of the jacket, the “matching” pocket square, the seams on the jeans, the belt, the mock turtleneck, the black belt, the Don Johnson hair, the gloves… Nice phone though.

I bet his name is Dale. I bet he knows how to fish. I bet he smells like bourbon and cedar all the time. I bet he says FILTHY things in bed. His socks look like my aunt Amy’s socks at family reunions.

Style isn’t always about clothing and accessories. This guy looks great with less than a yard of fabric on him. I say this guy should let it all hang out. Everything about this image is perfect. A coconut drink, some wet feet on a hot deck and one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder what he’s thinking?

Art of the Trench

I saw this scarf last year and literally drooled over it as I tried it on. My friend was busy looking for a cashmere hat for her boyfriend while I just happily spent 10 minutes in front of the mirror, wondering what groceries I could sacrifice to get this scarf. But I snapped out of it since I have two Burberry scarves already. I think I would wear this whole outfit.

This photo is from a new joint collaboration by Burberry and The Sartorialist called Art of the Trench.

I’ve been checking his blog to see if he will post any photos from his Toronto visit but alas, it seems the only subject so far is Sarah Taylor from Muchmusic:

She looks healthy and sophisticated but I mean… Snoozers. The last time I saw her was at The Social. I was there to see Digitalism but I couldn’t pay attention to the band because she was with the most disgustingly scuzziest Vince Gallo lookalike I’ve ever seen. He had on a very low cut tank top and jeans that hugged his sweaty balls. And at one point, she got soooooo drunk, he basically had her unconscious against a wall, with her wrists in his hands and her eyes rolled back. He was throwing her around and basically making out with a corpse. I’ll have to say it made me kinda nauseous. Then he basically dragged her out of the club like a caveman and she was struggling, screaming and laughing at the same time.

But ya, she looks alright.

I love Burberry.

Update: a friend alerted me that Eugene Levy’s son is on the site too as a “random” shot. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo… I’m booing! It’s like asking Puck to do the next LV ad.

The Sartorialist strikes again! And I strike out!

I can sorta kinda do a little surfing for a few minutes today since my computer has AIDS so I decided to use my time wisely.
The Sartorialist gave me my style porn for the week.

This is everything I love about men, style, men’s fashion and smoking. He looks like he’d know exactly what kind of tie goes with what kind of shirt collar AND fucking kick the shit out of you if you looked at him wrong at the same time. *swoon*

My comp is going to freeze again so back to playing solitaire (with actual cards) I guess.
Speaking of doing nothing, I got canned from my blogging gig with a certain Toronto-based urbanite blog. I was supposed to do a Sartorialist-esque column but they didn’t like my choices. They wanted me to go to events and shoot people. Snoozefest. I’ll resubmit and see what they think but so far, I’m not pleased that they want me to vanilla it up. Here I am shooting non-fashion people: old men, people on the street, teenagers at the mall. I’ll admit, Toronto isn’t easy to photograph if you’re not out 24 hours a day so I was having a bit of trouble finding people with style.

I was indirectly involved in a fight in the club district (long story) so my camera is also busted. A combination of things that is adding to the blows to my ego.

Maybe it’s the universe telling me that I’m just too cool for Toronto, right? RIGHT? And really, my first posts were a little too cheeky and I was waiting for the momentum to pick up. I had so many ideas for the coming months: Pride, summer stuff, swimwear, film fest, some store owners etc… They thought I was too all over the place and I don’t blame them: look at this blog. Oh well. I have 12 weeks worth of photos to share with you readers now for my I Spy posts.

Fuck it.

If someone is interested in taking me on for a street fashion blog, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just continue to do it here whenever I have the time to go outside.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of the Do’s and Don’t’s

Street fashion blogging is so hot right now. Even I got asked to do it for BlogTo (coming in May!). But mine is going to be more tame because I’m not being paid to embarrass people. I’ll keep the fucks, shits, cocksucker and stupid hipster comments for this site.

Creative freedom is the most stylish thing in the world.
But every once in a while, I lurk over to some other sights to get some inspiration for my daily wardrobe. I usually scoff a little at Chictopia, wack off a bit over at The Sartorialist (though I think he’s getting a little too frou-frou lately and I want to see people working in restaurants or good ol’ teenagers causing trouble etc…) and end off with a bit of a chuckle over at Streetboners. Who reads Vice anymore anyway?

Sometimes Streetboners is hit or miss. Mostly hit.
For example, the Olympics Opening Ceremony coverage was essentially the best piece of online journalism since last week’s Onion…

These people have no CLUE where your luggage is but you’re going to have to wait in line anyway.

Queen Latifah knows where your bags are but she ain’t sayin’.

But Chris tipped me off to a die motherfuckin’ hipster type blog that will hopefully pick up some steam as the summer months roll on called Look At This Fucking Hipster.

I’m hoping to get on this site myself! This stems from a longtime dream from high school dream was to be a Don’t in Vice. But again, who reads Vice anymore?
Anyway, never happened because I was too busy studying or something.

Can’t wait to see more fucking hipsters being slammed because screaming at my monitor as I scroll through Cobrasnake is just not enough. I need someone on the other end to validate the torture and slow murder fantasies in my mind so this new blog is more ammunition for my self-loathing. Thanks Chris.

Let the judgment begin!

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