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Just Shoot Me…

I actually think this Rick Owens scarf is very beautiful but I think this piece of fabric is $3000 or something.

So hey Rick Owens’ people: feel free to send me this if you have an extra one lying around.


Rick Owens Spring 2011 Preview

Ok, I shoveled only 2 times this season so I’m not particularly sick of winter yet. But it’s always nice to look forward to spring/summer especially if it means looking at new collections. Here is a preview of one of my favourites: the Prince of Darkness himself, Rick Owens.

I love the collar on this leather jacket.

I like the unusual length of the tank. And the sheerness looks super hot on him. I think it’s definitely something that needs a certain type of guy to pull off. But I adore the draping.

This is a great colour. I actually think this is from Winter 2010 but I think I’m going to look into this muted periwinkle for when the weather gets nicer. Looks great with a stark white shirt.

These shorts my number one must-have for summer! I think the cut is super chic, the drawstrings bring it down to a casual level and the sides are amazing. I need these shorts (or a cheaper version of them).

More stuff here.

Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2011

Stark. Beautiful. Dark. Some of it actually wearable. Sexy.

God bless Rick Owens. I always pillage his rack at Century 21 (will be doing that next week!). I’ll try on a few long wool coats, a few droopy jackets and then I walk away with a sad look on my face: even discount Rick Owens costs more than my annual property taxes. A boy can dream though (of a post-apocalyptic world in which there are only lanky skinny boys dressed up in sleeveless monochromatic armour to battle evil warlords by raving).

Vampire Weekend

The Sound of Silence

Flight Wheel

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