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Michael Pitt Farted

Honestly, I laughed as soon as I saw this. The shot from last month made him look like an upright cadaver but this one makes him look like he just let out a big one in Prada’s offices. Cutting the cheese through $1100 trousers is such a luxury.


GQ Editors’ Spring 2012 Picks

Ya know, sometimes I can’t figure out whether the editors of GQ are on crack or it’s the designers that are smoking drugs. Spring 2012 collections are already out and boy, is 2012 going to be a mix of fun and fugly. Of course I tend to focus on the fugly but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a little eccentricity here and there. Fashion should be crazy and awkward sometimes. That’s what makes it interesting. Women complain about unwearable runway looks all the time but it’s nothing compared to the men’s side of things as men can’t get away with it most of the time.

An editor actually picked this Prada golf pant. They’re just starting to come around to gays in the military so let’s not ruin it for all the gays on the golf course.

Jil Sander is finally making protective covers for their clothes. I could use this next week during Pride. Every year I grab a cab home dripping with cum so this would come in handy. Or I could just NOT do the sling this year.

Ellen is looking kinda gaunt these days.

I’m wearing Burberry today so this is disappointing. Do you know when you’re in line at the supermarket and you’re stuck behind an old woman counting out her change to buy one dinner roll and a Swanson? This is what she’d wear.

This might be the most boring Armani suit I’ve ever seen. He’s more boring than when a guy tries to talk to you after he cums inside me. I mean, go home already, it’s like 11:47 PM!

I have grey chelsea boots similar to these so no complaints. But a guy I once dated met me in public wearing animal print pants similar to these and I wish I had carried a tranquilizer gun on me that day.

I might’ve thrown up a little just now while posting this photo.

I’m not sure why but this somehow feels racist.

Sometimes I take a risk and go to a hippie’s party and I have to endure the night eating endive and listening to adults with dreads talk about how vegan living changes their farts. I usually skip off to the fire escape to have a cigarette but ultimately, someone dressed like this guy always comes out to bum a smoke.

Highs and Lows

My friend Steevee being a bad Samaritan in an evil green Prada mohair sweater, eating a chicken biscuit…

stEE says:
and eating at mcdonalds
and there’s a woman passed out
Sunny – Oh, hi bad movie says:
even better
stEE says:

Sunny – Oh, hi bad movie says:
i just sent that pic to my friend and he said “is that fun fur?”

The 81st Blah-cademy Awards..

And the award for the best dressed biatch last night at Hollywood biggest circle jerk goes to:

Alicia Keys in Armani Prive. I’m glad this sista didn’t wear some tacky piece of “I’m from Queens and proud of it” like Beyonce always does at every award show. Yes, we know you’re black. Yes, we know you’ve got long fingernails. Yes, we know you like shiny things. But no, you don’t have to look like what the cast of 227 would wear to church on a Sunday. Alicia looked so good last night… I think it moved.

It was nice to see Amy Winehouse get out of the house.

By the way, do all the designers meet at the top of the Statue of Liberty once a season to consult about what they’re ALL going to do for the Oscars?
This is their chance to do something creative, elegant and unique.. And it seems that everyone wanted to throw together an asymmetrical lacey Mondrian meets melting clocks mess.

Inspirations for this year: lace, blue, ribbons, bands, asymmetry and the plastic table cloths at dim sum.

I think Project Runway actually had an influence on the real fashion houses like Galliano, YSL and Prada. That’s kinda scary! Nice going, Rami. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen the Oscars in years but why was Joan bumped from the pre-show? Tim Gunn is just way too nice to everyone.

Freida Pinto from Slumdog was NOT wearing Oscar De La Renta as originally reported but she was in a lacy, messy John Galliano frock that frankly looked like she purchased it at Kumar’s Indian Bazaar on 25th and 3rd.

Quick fact: Pinto was wearing a 150 year-old Indian diamond.

And co-star Dev Patel, was crazy dapper in a Burberry Prosum suit.

I heard Jessica Biel was running around Fred Leighton trying to figure out what to wear at the last minute. But I think she shouldn’t have listened to her boyfriend’s suggestion to “just wear my penis costume from last Halloween…”

Miley Cyrus, who attended for Bolt , wore a Zuhair Murad “couture” dress constructed by 32 Chinese seamstresses. Her one stipulation for the designer was that the beading had to be pure crystal. I heard that the atelier was so bright from all the crystals shimmering under the studio lights that all 32 Chinese seamstresses had to dress her with their eyes squinted to avoid all the blinding specks of light.

Miley was a good sport though during her final fitting and followed suit by pulling her eyes back with her fingers to block the reflecting lights. She was also heard commenting on how “goofy” all the Chinese workers looked with their squinty eyes.

But on a serious note, who gives a shit who wore what when Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture!

Jai ho, Danny Boyle! Former ravers everywhere rejoice!

(Deceased) Grandpa Chic! – Clothing with(out) a story…

So I’ve been slowly stealing my grandfather’s clothes for about 10 years now and ever since he passed away last year, let’s just say it has been much easier. Topsiders, skinny ties, old belts, cardigans, caps, scarves, custom coats, leather bags…

He was always incredibly generous and I think he even enjoyed the fact that I liked taking his clothes. One time, he gave me an incredible purple and blue silk skinny tie lined with crimson red fabric. It will never go out of style. Fuck GQ. My tie has a story and it’s not about being trendy at all.

The day after he died, I stopped by his room in Kensington Gardens and spent some time in there, pillaging and taking some photos. There was one argyle sweater that I don’t even like but it reminds me of him so it just hangs in my closet:
My grandfather wore it and I remember my father also wearing it when he first came to Canada. So not only are some of my grandfather’s clothes amazing, they have a lot of sentimental value.

The very next day, the whole room was cleared out by the cleaning staff.

I have a whole photographic series which documents the cleaning, mourning and the funeral called Diary of a Loss #1:
I’ll have a show on deaths in my family one day once I get my shit together.

I also have been living in my grandfather’s house for over 5 years but only recently did I decide to do some major home renos. Some rooms I’ve left alone since my father has had a hard time with clearing things out in a timely fashion. And understandably. But now I’m starting to clean out closets and I have been finding a lot of things. I am keeping a good majority of the clothing but I am also planning to have a drunken BBQ/yard sale in late March.

But more importantly, grandfather chic is totally the hot new thing. Prada has always tapped into the senior Italian community for inspiration but really, we’ve been seeing a slow old-timey Americana resurgence on the streets in the last 6 years. But having visited New York, Montreal, Paris and London, I haven’t really seen many guys do the grandpa thing as opposed to the ubiquity of the hipster/JFK/American Classic/WASP-y thing. Like REAL grandfather styles. Hey fuckfaces, my grandfather (and your granddfather) never dressed like the Strokes or a Jack Spade employee! It’s just not blue-collar grandpa enough for my own sensibilities. But for spring, it would be fun to see the aesthetic be pushed a little further but then again, do I really want hipster kids dressing more like me? Darfur Darfur (Something I always say to snap back to reality)!

Anyway, Slim Chris and I discovered our mutual fascination with the fashion of old men. Chris Dames recently featured a contributor on this very subject. She also posts a whole article on this phenomenon. Her name is Donna and her site is fabulously fabulous.

Hi Donna! Hi Chris!

My grandpa was a weird guy who I was never crazily close to like I was with my grandmother on my mother’s side (who passed away last spring). He was sold to a family, got married at 13, had my dad when he was 18, left for Canada and was reunited with his wife and son over 20 years later in Toronto. We know very little about his life and no one ever really asked. All I know is that he loved custom-made outerwear and he was an obsessive shopper (even up to the week before he died, he was out shopping for something even though he was told not to leave his bed). All I know is that he bought things and never used them from electronics to duffle (how they spelled it at Eaton’s) coats.

I miss you, Grandpa. You were kind of a douche to my dad, you were horribly passive aggressive towards my mother, you weren’t a very empathetic person and you lived a strange life that was shrouded in mystery. Even Grandma didn’t really know you.

But I miss you. And we’re blood. And if you hadn’t come to Canada, I wouldn’t have had the chance to live in one of the best cities in the world. And I look forward to wearing more of your clothes but I sometimes wish I knew their story. But I’m going to give these clothes a story finally.

Rest in peace, Gung Gung.

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