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Breaking The Waves

And stereotypes.




Stepping Out



Terry Richardson shoots Jersey Shore

I wish he had actually shot them with a gun. But regardless, these are pretty entertaining.

Obama approves!


I read that Talley got this jacket custom-made by some poor man on the street. I think he wrote in his diary that he was coming out of some play with Oprah and Gail and saw this guy selling Obama hats for $10. So he bought one and then brought it to a black power party and everyone wanted one. So he went back out and got the guy’s contact.

André Leon Talley is a long legged mack daddy!

And before anyone thinks I’m racist, that was a reference to this:

Long-legged mack daddy..




No R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for the Sunnyman

Ya know, I’ve never really been a fan of gender play and wearing women’s clothing per se. I’ve been known to maybe splash on a bit of No. 5 when I’m at a friend’s house or buy a cardigan from Jones New York just because it fits better than anything else. But androgyny and cross-dressing were more in my younger, carefree days when I was more of a celebrity. Nowadays, I prefer suits, gingham, round-toed shoes and even the occasional gentleman’s cap.

But a few years back in my rave and art star period, I did do some experimenting with my appearance. Mostly to thwart the cameras when I was out shopping for brushes or Mylar. So with a new hairdid (shout-outs to Laquisha!) and a fabulous custom chapeau by my favourite milliner Eduardo Garcia, I stepped out into the hustle and bustle. A cold and brisk afternoon trying to do my own thing without being bothered.

Here is a photo of me trying my best to dress down the paparazzi while doing some shopping on Rodeo.

It’s too bad Aretha had to go and rip me off for Obama’s big day.

As if Michelle didn’t have enough sartorial problems already (Hello Narciso! Nice nuclear bomb dress you made her for the election!).

Anyway, God bless American style. God bless Marc Jacobs’ new psycho outlook on life. God bless my youth. God bless Save Khaki. God bless motown. And God bless Obama.

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