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And the winner is…

Joe from Toronto won himself a beautiful large bottle of Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance for men, BANG courtesy of Marc Jacobs and Chinese Work Ethic. Readers were asked to send in a creative self-portrait and I love how simple and effective this is. Great job Joe though I would’ve given the prize to anyone who sent me a photo of their dick. Really, it’s that easy. S’ok, keep that in mind for my next giveaway.

This is what Joe got in the mail:

My bottle keeps falling over every time I reach for my watch but that’s okay because it smells like pure sex. And I don’t mean sweaty balls but coffee, earth, black pepper and a man’s chest. I can’t complain as I’ve gotten laid wearing it so it must be doing something right.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll post some honourable mentions soon as there was also one very clear winner (sorry Joe) but the dude doesn’t have a mailing address. It’s nice to know homeless men are reading my men’s fashion carnage blog.


Oh hi Marc

Why look who I found dressed like a giant polar bear in his own store window: Marc Jacobs himself!


Got my buddy Kmac this cute little Marc Jacobs necklace. I wonder what’s in the box? I’d like to think it might be a 9mm dildo.

3 more days to Bang

Wow, I have received some interesting entries so far for my Marc Jacobs “Self-portrait” contest.

Really, I’m not looking for the most zany or elaborate. Zany and elaborate gets tiring after you see enough of it. It doesn’t even have to be a photo done specifically for this contest. In fact, if you already have an interesting self-portrait of yourself, please send that in.

Drunk photos are my favourite though. Just sayin’. Here are a few self-portraits that tickle my fancy:

Anyway, keep ’em comin’ to
Include your full name, address and phone number please. So Marc Jacobs’ people can mail your prize to you, dumbass. Sheesh.

Care to Bang?

Yes, I am finally giving away my first piece of merch to one creative CWE reader. And you’ll be happy to know that it’s from the one and only MJ.

Marc Jacobs is the epitome of men’s fashion carnage so I am very happy to be supporting his new adventures in the world of fragrances. I absolutely love the sample bottle I have been using throughout this fall. It’s a mix of woodsy sexiness and elegant flowers like orchids or lilies. Because it’s an eau de toilette, it lasts longer and you don’t need to use that much. MJ said in an interview that it’s a mix of black pepper and cigarettes but I’m not sure if I want people to think that it smells like my uncle after he eats a steak. Marc Jacobs himself was kind enough to send me another full bottle of Bang last week so thanks MJ!

The bottle is totally hot so I’m going to put it on my new teak credenza. Maybe I’ll be a fancyboy and buy a round metal fragrance tray. How gay that would be, right?

I am delighted to host a contest to give out a brand new and unopened 50 mL bottle of eau de toilette (valued at $69 USD) to one lucky Sunny Fong Chinese Work Ethic reader. It will definitely make a fantastic Christmas present as I’ve tested this on a few guys and they all loved it. Here is what you have to do:

Please email me a creative self-portrait by 11:59 PM, Thursday, November 25th. I will consult with my CWE team here to choose the winner so please have some fun with it. Your shot can be from a digital camera, phone or webcam. It can be as subtle as you want or as crazy as you want. I’m leaving it up to you.

Offensive, racist, homophobic, stylish or internet meme-y photos are VERY welcomed. Some suggestions: the presence of any male genitalia, nakedness or homoeroticism will get bumped right up to the top of the list (yes, we here at CWE are shameless pervs). However, because it’s 2010, I will not accept any black face, anti-semitic themes (unless it’s REALLY funny) or references to rape (a bit of a downer, don’t you think?). I’m so excited! I will also do one myself in the spirit of this contest.

The winner will be announced next week and the winning self-portrait will be published for all to see. If you do include cock, ass or balls, I will be happy to pixelate it out if I post it. This is a family-rated site after all. I’ll even throw in a few honourable mentions if we’re stuck deciding on a winner.

Please send pictures of your dick to with your full name, phone number and mailing address by the evening of Thursday, November 25. I promise I will not call you in the middle of the night unless I’m drunk and I won’t sell your email address to a marketing company because I’m probably going to steal it to sign up for free shit on the internet. Suckers.

Good luck!

GQ Editors’ “barf in my own mouth” picks for Spring 2011

Carthart jacket by Robert Geller

So as you’ve noticed, I’ve been shitting on the New York Spring 2011 collections here and there and the rage continues in this post. I recently checked out picks by GQ’s fashion editors for Spring 2011 and again, either I don’t understand a thing about fashion forecasting or my tastes are just not as current as they used to be. I don’t feel American menswear is going in an attractive direction. Each season, I look forward to new colours, cuts and ideas. And any fashionister with a discerning eye can pick and choose pieces to inspire their own wardrobe. I just feel like I’m not completely onboard with next year’s proposed trends. In menswear (and especially in womenswear), it’s common for a brand to create looks that transcend what can actually be worn on the street. In everyday life, men aren’t wearing giant fur-lined epaulettes or 18-hole combat boots unless you’re Brandon Flowers. But the fantasy of each season’s aesthetics inspire the consumer to choose a certain cut, a specific detail or a newly developed colour. That’s how most trends are formed: starts at the top and depending on the speed of culture in a certain city, it trickles eventually to the massive retail markets, often taking years for it to hit the mainstream. There’s a certain hierarchical movement with clothes that isn’t always obvious to the Saturday afternoon mall dweller.

The next season seems to be a plethora of more plaid, stripes, woodsmen gear and lazy househusbands who work from home. I thought the pendulum was going to swing back to subtle glamour and even a bit of utilitarian fetish (military, sleek leathers, more tailoring) for 2011. Europe seems to be going that way again: less frayed edges, knits, pure hues, more polished looks with a hint of Euro nerdiness. New York fashion week seemed a little too costume-y for my tastes. I liked certain pieces here and there but the overall feel of the clothes leaves me wanting to flee for Milan. Plaid’s here, it’s queer and we have to get used to it.

Here are some of GQ’s ghastly picks for menswear Spring 2011:

I don’t even understand what this is. I appreciate the colour combination but it just looks uninspired and awkward. Robert Geller is super talented but this falls flat.

The Hawaiian shirt should never make any appearances on a runway. I’ve seen it in a few other editorials and it’s one of those “must haves” that go right over people’s heads. I don’t even think this Gilded Age look would even work on an actual Hawaiian beach. I don’t even want to know how much this is priced at. Frat guys spreading crabs in Cancun don’t deserve any more validation.

Did Marc Jacobs’ creative team shop for inspiration at Old Navy? I get the bag and the shoes. Even the pants and belt are cute. But man, that shirt is something my uncle’s wife would buy me for Christmas. Sometimes I think designers should be forced to wear their own clothes for a week.

I think the GQ editor said that he really liked the addition of the bandanna to this Michael Bastian outfit. Okay… The shoes are horrendous (what is he, coming home from 3-on-3 basketball?), the shorts don’t match and the tangerine jumper makes me want to eat a Creamsicle.

My philosophy is that if it doesn’t even look good on a professional model, it will probably never look good on you.

More to come…

A Bang for your…

I recently ran out of a shitty old Tommy Hilfiger cologne that I won at a Jack and Jill 7 years ago. I wear cologne on a daily basis but I wear so little that one bottle can last me almost a decade. Good thing Marc Jacobs sent me a sample of his new fragrance BANG from his lab. And of course, because of his ridiculous image transformation in the last few years, Marc Jacobs himself is starring in his own ad campaign (shot by the very prolific Jurgen Teller of course).

Surprise, surprise. I would’ve ripped my hair out if it had been Michael Cera, Vincent Gallo or some other annoyingly ubiquitous indie darling. Although Joseph Gordan Levitt would’ve been a nice choice.

So far, so good. I like BANG a lot. It has notes of white/black pepper, smoked wood and flowers. It’s a perfect fragrance to go with the mood of fall style: light, neutral, slightly feminine and subtle.

BANG should not be confused with the Asian pop boyband Big Bang who attended Marc by Marc Jacobs in Walker Hill a few years back…

I read an interview in which Marc said he wanted BANG to smell like a smoker because he himself always smells like cigarettes. Being a smoker myself, I wouldn’t want my cologne to smell like Marlboro Lights. Either Marc Jacobs is being ironic or all the macro-biotic dieting is getting to his pretty little brain. Regardless, he’s still an amazing creative talent but sometimes I want him to shut up about his new gay gay g-g-g-g-g-gay lifestyle. We get it, you love your new body. We get it, you’re good looking enough to be as fruity as you want. We get it, your husband is a hunk! I’m just tired of seeing your public life. You’re a fantastic designer. Keep the genius ideas comin’!

Marc Jacobs himself (I can just see him licking the envelopes at his lucite desk) will be sending me a few bottles to be gifted to my wonderfully loyal readers.

Look out in the near future for Chinese Work Ethic’s first giveaway!

Louis Vuitton Womenswear Collection Fall/Winter 2009

Old news but just for the hell of it, I thought I’d post Louis Vuitton’s Fall Winter Collection since it’s so freakin’ cold outside. I don’t normally post womenswear but this is just too hot.
Plus, it’s super glamourous and the clothes are incredibly divine. Very Parisian. Such a well-executed collection. His colour palettes are always so confident and he’s not afraid to throw a few of his grunge/punk influences into the mix. His proportions are so unique.

The whole Madonna Playboy bunny references are great. Marc Jacobs: still a creative genius in my eyes.

Okay, back to the boys…

Madonna and Marc collaborate again…

A preview of the new Louis Vuitton campaign starring your neighbourhood lizard arm pop superstar icon goddess.

Lempicka’s paintings


Man Ray’s solarization technique


A little Queen of Pop


A little magic

= another successful campaign!

My computer has swine flu…

My computer somehow contracted this awful virus so I’ve been MIA due to my lack of internet access.
For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading Toronto Life (I know, I know), watching The Wire and eating my face off (made French onion soup for the first time!).
So my updates will be sparse until I have this baby up and running again.
I’m even lucky to be able to get online right now so I’m gonna make the most of these precious 8 minutes before my machine explodes.

I’ll be back…

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