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Boys of Fashion Week

Check out the boys of Fashion Week get a little wild and silly.
Thanks to Kirsten, I now have this song stuck in my head.

I also, I can’t help but just watch this and imagine each of these male models taking GIANT dumps. Not sure why but try it yourself!

I love this Youtube comment: “wow!the boys so funny.” This person was whipped into such a frenzy, they forgot about spaces, capitals or proper punctuation.

God, I am so ugly.


Hard times

“When the show is over, Petey, AJ, and I speed over to Pier 94 on the West Side Highway for the Rag & Bone show. Neither of Petey’s runway gigs today will pay any money. Instead, he’ll receive “trade”: a free sweater and sneakers from Duckie Brown and a $1,000 credit at Rag & Bone. The clothes are all right, but it’s hard to pay rent with a retro peacoat.”

Life’s so hard for male models.

I’m so hard for male models.

Eye Candy at Revolve Clothing

I was recently referred to Revolve Clothing by Slim Chris who had a little shipment come in. Free shipping is totally an incentive for me to order stuff online. Hello, Amazon.

I have been scouring this site for stuff but mostly for stuff that I can afford right now. *clicks “sort by price*

But it seems that I can’t afford anything so now I’m just resorting to ogling this fucking hot piece of ass:

Really, who cares about the clothes?

I say LOSE the clothes, buddy!

Toronto Fashion Week – Bustle Fall 2009 – #3

<img src=”” alt=”” />

Toronto Fashion Week – Bustle 2009 – #2

Toronto Fashion Week – Bustle Fall 2009 – #1

Male models: hairy or smoove?

“I don’t have a lot of hair on my body cuz my grandma is from Indonesia and as you know, Asian people don’t have a lot of hair on their body.”

A hot ride

I just read that Halle Berry’s husband, Gabriel Aubry makes $30, 000 for a day’s work.

That’s crazy.

Speaking of beautiful Canadian super male models, a shout-out to Andrew Stetson:

Thanks to Andrew for the ride home the other night.

Wearing Elie Tahari:

A few months ago, we went out to a restaurant opening and he was wearing construction boots. He’s a very talented carpenter so most people would’ve probably assumed he was coming from work. I’m more keen than most people so I said “those are fashion boots, aren’t they?” Of course, they were.

When I first met him, he had the Alexander McQueen Pumas on. And just jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He always looks great. His style is very easy but if you look closer, the clothing is subtly luxurious.

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