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Madonna x Steven Klein (Again)

Madonna released a secret project trailer. Okay then.

MDNA in Paris – Director’s Cut

If you missed the live stream, here is a released director’s cut of the one-time intimate club show she did for loyal fans.


Tonight. Big M will be performing her first show in Tel Aviv.
Just a sneak peek at Jean Paul Gaultier’s cone braw redux for the MDNA Tour.

God, I still love JPG.

The Queen


Madonna’s new Girls Gone Wild teaser: Gays gone wild!

Referencing Erotica and the Sex Book but 20 years later? Looks like Madonna’s divorced, Botoxed and ready to be a slut again. I just wish the Bad Girl smoking thing didn’t return. Come on, Madonna. A girl gone wild doesn’t have to smoke!

Speaking of “Bad Girl”, David Fincher really is a great director:

MDNA Previews

Sounds like Guy Ritchie should sleep with one eye open. Madonna’s got you in her crosshairs.

Rave on, Madge.

This snippet proves she should’ve worked with William Orbit for the whole album. I hear a little Major Lazer in there too. Anyway, nice to see the old bag acting like a kid again. She’s the best when she’s a total bitch, wrecking up gay dancefloors and just being a giant electronic music goddess go-go cougar. Pop at its best. I’m excited to see the live show in September (with my parents!).



Them 808 Drums – Madonna’s New Cougar Anthem

A new Madge single came out today. Looks like a cougar’s on the loose!

I’ll admit, I think it’s catchy but it sounds a little outdated but also really on the tip of the trance-euro-90’s revival that pop singers seem to be doing (if that makes any sense). A little Rihanna, a little Gaga, a little Avicii, a little dull.

Girls gone wild!

Honestly, I miss Stuart Price. Confessions was at least going somewhere sonically. But hey, Madonna’s fucking a 23 year-old and I’m alone so what the fuck do I know?

“Burgundy is fine…”

It’s one of those days…

Happy belated, Mo!

From this sycophant, a very happy 84th birthday to the greatest entertainer of all time.

Can you believe she was only 67 when she did this interview?

This was when Madonna was the best: dick jokes, smoking cigars, smelling underwear, peeing in the shower and keeping Letterman on his toes. So ahead of her time.

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