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Godfrey Gao

Some of you might’ve read that Taiwanese superstar and Vancouver-born Godfrey Gao is the new Louis Vuitton man, following the footsteps of Bono, Hayden Christiensen and Mikhail Gorbachev (!).

Boy, is Gao gooooood lookin’ though.

Asia is now the #1 market for luxury goods so it’s fitting that they choose an Asian guy for the new campaign.


Oh ffs

All I wanna do is to see what the frickin’ Louis Vuitton collaboration looks like with Bono (and his wife) but the site makes you look at all these fucking romanticized videos and photographs of their frickin’ journey into Africa.

I’m just going to have to go another site… Ok… Here we go…

Not bad. I’m assuming it’s a monogrammed leather but Bono’s wife’s company specializes in African cotton so… Why didn’t they make a canvas collection?

I like this mess though. It looks like a tranny’s fingernails.

Anyway, why are so many celebrity wives into the whole philanthropy shit? Doesn’t Bono have trillions of dollars? Can’t he just give her charity money without having to resort to all this luxury masturbatory do-gooder bullshit? Let’s keep fashion pretentious, ruthless and evil. Please.

The Selby vs. LV

Old news but I thought it was so neat that I had to post it.
I’m actually surprised Lanvin didn’t collaborate with The Selby after this great little feature.

I guess LV is riding the blogging bandwagon too by doing an online journey with The Selby. Check it out as it’s pretty… Well… pretty!

Good Morning


Fat bunny


Kanye at Louis Vuitton


Jesus Kanye, give it a fucking rest already.

Louis Vuitton Womenswear Collection Fall/Winter 2009

Old news but just for the hell of it, I thought I’d post Louis Vuitton’s Fall Winter Collection since it’s so freakin’ cold outside. I don’t normally post womenswear but this is just too hot.
Plus, it’s super glamourous and the clothes are incredibly divine. Very Parisian. Such a well-executed collection. His colour palettes are always so confident and he’s not afraid to throw a few of his grunge/punk influences into the mix. His proportions are so unique.

The whole Madonna Playboy bunny references are great. Marc Jacobs: still a creative genius in my eyes.

Okay, back to the boys…


Jesus, companies will make anything.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lunar landing this past summer, Louis Vuitton designed a Malle Mars trunk. If we ever develop a community on Mars, I’ll have to go out and get myself one of these.

Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell and Sally Ride was not only at the opening but they recently starred in LV’s summer campaign.

The custom trunk is still on display at the American Museum of Natural History alongside other NASA memorabilia.
Jesus, fashion houses will make anything. There’s something for everyone…

Chanel cupcakes for those who are too fat to fit into a Chanel suit.

For the jocks! Wouldn’t this make a great Superbowl party favour?

And the most blatant agenda pushing I’ve ever seen by LV…

Combining two things all chinks love: badminton and badminton cases.


Christmas is coming…

This year, I’m asking for two things: money for my next dental cleaning (my new job pays more than what I was making but doesn’t include benefits), donations for my nutrition program or any donations to my various after school programs so I can hire more instructors or buy more cool supplies. But if I actually cared about getting ridiculously useless gifts, I wouldn’t mind this book. It would be fun to have on my coffee table and never read.

Speaking of Christmas, have you ever seen anything more fucked up than this?


When I Come Around

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