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Eastpak = Ew

Am I the only person who doesn’t see what makes Eastpak bags so fucking special other than the company has had some recent collaborations with some cutting edge creatives?
Raf Simons, the king of avant garde, even did a line for them in 2008. Sorry Raf. They’re a bit dull, kinda tacky and look cheap. Isn’t Eastpak just another Jansport or Bentley backpack label? All of a sudden I see them selling for crazy prices at department stores like this shit is dipped in gold. Is this another Le Sportsac situation? The coolness factor of that brand got sucked out pretty quickly, eh?

The most recent collaboration is from Dior Homme’s Creative Director, Kris Van Assche.

It’s not ugly per se but would I purchase this? Definitely not. The two colours don’t even work all that well. And for the designer of Dior Homme, I expected something with a little more shape and some rock and roll elements than this glorified schoolboy’s bag. Something in black with the silver lettering would be fantastic. Heck, leave the Eastpak name out of it completely, hehe. Kris Van Assche did an Eastpak bag! Can you believe it?

Next you’re going to tell me Anna Wintour will be contributing a spread in Good Housekeeping. Well, if Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni can do Target, then anything’s possible I guess.


Dior Homme Fall 2010/2011 Men’s Collection

Just got cold today. Like, really cold. Sweaters are coming out.

Man, things are getting dark in fashion too.
I wanted a non-preppy, unapologetic winter palette and I got my wish! Months of khakis, plaid and classic hues has made me yearn for some seedy rock and roll. Some of Dior’s looks are a little reminiscent of a certain lameass Keanu Reeves movie (no, not Bill & Ted) but there seems to be a common theme happening amongst the big brands for Fall Winter 2010/2011.

I love that the runway is presented as the letters C and D for Christian Dior. And when all the models came out, he arranged them in order from lightest to darkest (clothes, not skin). Clever little bugger, that Van Assche.

Looks like it’s gonna be an evil winter.

Fashion Carnage – Fall 2009 Menswear Collections 2

For Fall 2009, John Galliano decided to take his inspiration from the forefathers of his home country’s justice system but with a slight twist: Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) as a gay magistrate.

You better run.

Uncle Tom, party of one! Uncle Tom, party of one!

“God, it’s freezing today, eh? Such a wind. What a draft. Winter…”
“O RLY.”

Imagine eating a taco in this get-up. Which hand would you hold the majority of the taco with? Left over right? Which way would you tilt your head to bite into the taco? Which way would you tilt the taco? Which end of the taco would you eat? Fashion conjures up so many questions!

Is this what straight people think gay parents will dress their kids up in on the first day of school? Because they’re right. I’d dress my kid up like this.

If I were Beetlejuice.

I Spy – Holt Renfrew Last Call Excursion

A little shopping on a beautiful day…
Val and I drove up to the Holt’s Last Call store where she looked at horrible sun hats for her cruise and I molested leather jackets and $1999 pants.
The only item I ended up buying was a pair of skinny Modern Amusement chinos (due to being funemployed at the moment) but I had fun trying on a few things…

Look at this ugly Burberry shirt. It was well made but I mostly tried it on as a joke.

Okay, that’s a lie. I kinda liked it. Look how nice it looks with my $4 ribbed henley.

I thought this Helmut Lang shirt had some interesting details but how many white shirts with interesting details do I really need?

It’s kinda sad to see that even Helmut Lang gets my relatives to make his clothing.

I really wanted these. They were crazy baggy and just super chic.

I miss Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane. But Kris has got the goods. I just want to see him develop more as a designer because frankly, his shows are a bit of a snoozefest. Regardless, I really wanted to get these.

They reminded me of something Uncle Jesse would wear with white Reeboks.

Which is a good thing in my brain but a bad thing out in public.

I tried on another Burberry shirt. It fit perfectly and probably would’ve worked really well with the Kris Van Assche trousers but again, how many interesting white shirts can one man own?

I reluctantly put this back because if I really wanted a shirt like this, I can get a mall knock-off for 1/28th of the price. A little pirate-y I guess. Burbaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrry.

But my favourite piece was this amazing $799 (sale price) Band of Outsiders trench.

Very flasher chic.

Also found the best desert boots for $45 at this new outlet store that sold Prada, Moschino and Kenneth Cole shoes.
But goddamnit, they had every size except mine.

Sometimes I wonder if Holt’s Last Call is just playing with their customers by putting out used lip balm, shower gels and clothing that is so shredded that it looks like a family of raccoons had burrowed in the bin. Sometimes it’s really depressing to see a $3000 jacket be placed in a huge rack of last season’s 46 waist Elie Tahari dress pants.

Holt’s Last Call is a really sad place now that I think of it. It takes all the glitz and glamour out of shopping for designer goods and turns it into a dung pile of damaged and rejected goods. People throwing clothes around and complaining about the prices as I drool over all the tie table with sale ties that I still can’t afford.

I think the most glamourous thing I saw at Holt’s that day was Arsinée Khanjian (Atom Egoyan’s wife) ordering a shoe boy around.

That, in itself, is pretty sad.


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