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RIP Irving Penn

One of the greatest photographers of all time passed away recently. He was a legend, a pioneer, an influential icon and an enormous talent.

Irving Penn, you will be missed.


Model As Muse

God bless Kate Moss.

I miss Hedi as a designer…

But I guess his photography will do.

Frances, you come back here! Billy Corgan and Luke Worrall are coming now in the towncar and you’re still not dressed yet? What time is it? What time is it?

I also love that he used to only take boys for his shows that had 28 inch waists or under and often said that the skinny guys were his muse. Slim Jims unite! Suck it Marcus Shenkenburger.

Menswear on Women

Speaking Janelle Monáe, her Colonel Sanders-esque retro get-ups (complete with bowling shoes in which she can moonwalk in among other impressive dance moves) brings to mind the recent trend of luxury menswear on women.

The trend never really did catch on on a mainstream level but has been a consistent visitor to the collections in France and London.

Look at Kate Moss here all fucked on coke, doing karaoke at the Viper Room in a Dior Homme leather cape.

My uber feminine Barbie doll friend Lori bought a Jack Spade messenger and for some reason, it’s just so much more hotter than if she had gone and got a giant Balanciaga. Something about a woman carrying a men’s briefcase does it for me as well. In Paris, I spotted a few gals carrying vintage attachés paired with their Louboutins.

Kate Moss in a Dior Homme suit

But who wants everyone to jump on the gender play bandwagon anyway? It would just ruin it. Look at the Chanel suit. Lagerfeld was smart to charge an insanely unaffordable amount for this timeless look because then every yenta from Long Island to Las Vegas would be throwing it over their bedroom ottomans.

I think Meredith Viera almost ruined it because she was always wearing those fringed blazers on television but other than a few lonely housewives, I think it’s safe to saw that the Chanel jacket is once again a classic item that isn’t ubiquitous enough to get boring.

Ashes in a Calvin Klein men’s tuxedo…

Can someone please tell Posh Spice to continue wearing menswear?
Doesn’t she look much more fuckable in a suit than her horrible little strappy dresses?

Don’t even me started on her own clothing line. It’s all atrocious but I digress.

And for once, Sofia Coppola (big fan here though) doesn’t look like she’d talk your head off about her belly button lint and her collection of Polaroid cameras.

Most of the time, I look at her and I just want to slap the shit out of her (Happy International Women’s Day btw) but here, she looks sexy, almost confident…

Hmm… Maybe because she looks like a man?

Maybe I’m just a huge misogynist. But aren’t all men in fashion misogynists?
Isn’t it all about control and how gay men essentially get to now dictate what women wear? Oooooh, that’s another entry in itself…

A Macintosh in the Big Apple

I bought a few henleys from Topman last year and they’ve become some of my favourite pieces of clothing that I own. Not only did I not have to pay American Apparel prices for basics (2 for 12 pounds), these tees are just as plush. And I love how the buttons go all the way up around my neck. Usually a henley has around 3 buttons.

Topshop/Topman just had an opening for its new New York City store in SoHo.

The opening, which was a few days ago, included a riveting performance by J. Lo (snoozers!) and Mark Ronson (that’s better!).

Other celebs present included Howard Stern’s new wife, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and Marc Jacobs.

Kate Moss was also in attendance and reports say that she actually went an hour without doing any coke (that is, until some cast members from Gossip Girl showed up with an 8-ball).

The new Topshop/Topman is located on Broadway, at Broome.
And to celebrate Topshop’s journey across the ocean, there seems to be free shipping for a limited time only (for US customers)!

Some of my picks from Topshop Spring 2009:

Gingham smart shorts

Lightknit jumper with ribbon ties

Jersey polo with stripe detail

Grey mac

Tipped cardigain

Trimmed briefcase

Tartan urban boat shoe

Happy shopping and cheerio, ol’ chap!

Of course, like Uniqlo, Topman doesn’t ship to Canada. So if you live in Buffalo, help a brother out here.


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