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Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl Lagerfeld’s male model muse, is now looking to take the music world by storm. Apparently, he’s the highest paid model in the world and Karl Lagerfeld recently said he hadn’t had sex with anyone in decades. Let’s think about that for a second.

This is what happens when you give male models their own chequing account.
It’s kinda too bad the villain in this video seems to have way more on-screen presence and acting talent than young Baptiste.

And who knew there was a male model war going on. Recently tweeted by River Viiperi:

“he is huge alot bigger than me but i’d never do what he did to get big i’ll do it my way

dating a old man…eww”


Anyway, I’ll leave you with some unstoppable lyrics from Baptiste’s debut single Showtime
won’t permit you to get me down
because I’m on my stride
and I’ll keep my pride
no time for you to analyze
don’t try to read my mind
you’ll never get it right
prejudice makes us less
and I will not be defined
I will not justify
feelin’ blessed and serene
you see cuz I believe in me
just wait and see
it’s showtime

The full album “drops” Christmas time so start saving now.


Second Sign of The Upcoming Rapture

Karl Lagerfeld was recently spotted in Saint Tropez with his sunglasses off. I thought I felt the earth move this weekend.

Forever Young

Remember Now

You can watch Karl Lagerfeld’s full film here. Next up: a KL iPhone app.

Here here!

Karl’s Korner – Spongebob Chanelpants

Watch out parents! Karl is coming into your kid’s bedroom soon!

Karl’s Korner: The China Edition

For some reason, my fashion radar totally missed this one…

For Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2008 Collection, he showed his Fendi line on the actual Great Wall of China. I’m not a huge Fendi fan but I found myself super interested in the clothes.

Fashion doesn’t get better than this.
Karl Lagerfeld really is an epic fashion entertainer.

Karl’s Korner

Thanks to Kmac, I am forever haunted by the image of Karl Lagerfeld in a onesie (with sand in his arse). I hope you will be too.

Karl’s Korner

Or is that Dom Deluise?

Karl’s Korner

“What was your inspiration for Spring 2010?”

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