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Good Morning


Fat bunny


Kanye at Louis Vuitton



Jesus Kanye, give it a fucking rest already.

Kanye sinks to an all-time low..

Here here!

Just saw that Kanye came up and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. He went up, grabbed the mic from her and proclaimed Beyonce’s video (also nominated) to be one of the best videos of all time.

Really, I don’t listen to his shitty music and I don’t have cable so I rarely get any Kanye up in these parts. But being a fashionister, I do run across (and skip) pictures and stories of him. He needs to leave the fashion world because he’s really ruining it for everyone. It’s kinda sad when Will Smith is starting to look cooler than this dipshit.

Fuck Kanye.

Madonna is batshit crazy

Congratulations to Madonna on her new Kabbalah husband, Jesus.
His dad states that he is very happy for the lovely couple and wishes his son mucho happiness.

My eyes just rolled so far back in my head, I just shit them out.

In other Madge news, her and Paul Oakenfold have a few new tracks coming out for yet another greatest hits album. I mean, give it up Madonna. I love you but please just write some tunes and get on with it. What’s with this greatest hit bullshit?
Nothing will beat:

Fashion Carnage – Fall 2009 Menswear Collections – 5

I thought I’d share the brilliance of Kanye’s lyrical mastery:
So keep your love locked down, your love locked down
Keepin’ your love locked down, your love locked down
I keep your love locked down, your love locked down
I keep your love locked down, you lose…

With the whole pirate situation happening in the world – I’m attempting to be topical even though I don’t actually know what the pirate situation is – Yohji Yamamoto designed a look for his cruise line that is just perfect for navigating the high seas. This outfit is not only intimidating to pirates but you can hide your shiv in those deep silk-lined pockets. I hear the Gulf of Aden is beautiful in June.

Magically delicious.

I think this speaks for itself.

But enough of this negative Us Magazine-calibre comedy writing… Next up, I’ll have some Fall 2009 menswear picks because ultimately, we love fashion here at Chinese Work Ethic!

Carrot Bottom


What’s happening for Fall 2009? *fog horn*

Re-run chic for Fall 09, anyone?

Not feeling the beret though so I hope the beret never comes back in style. But the runways look like stuff present day Re-run would wear.

I’m thinking the fall season is all about plaids, patterns, grandfather knits, older looking muted colours mixed with pure hues, browns and softer textures like velour, velvet, corduroy and even softer denim. Things like unique buttons and toggles are totally hot. And it’s all things that I personally love.
Also, I think Kanye (God forbid) has had a bit of an influence on this year’s stuff, I hate to admit it. The mix of urban prep and Americana is happening again on the runways. If anyone has any reports on Fall 2009 runway music selections, hit me up!

Band of Outsiders:

Tim Hamilton:

Thom Browne:


Rag & Bone:

Looks like things are getting a little geekier and strategically baggier.

Ya, berets remind me of smelly Frenchmen who don’t tip.

God, I miss Paris. 😦

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