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Bad Romance


Sans Oakenfold Awkwardness

Madonna’s new video.. A little balmain, some of her hottest dancers and a shitty Benny Benassi remix for the clip… More Jesus I say!


I have to admit that I really dig this Mr. Brainwash single cover for Celebration.

All the photos were taken at in Rio at a wrap party for the 2008 tour.

Other than being the biggest fag icon since Cher, Madonna really is a pop chameleon and maybe that’s why she’s so inspiring for so many fashion enthusiasts. It’s not like she dresses all that well. Most of the time, she looks like a mess. But when she plays these characters, she becomes this artist’s muse. Still waiting for her to collaborate with Annie Leibovitz. That would a great story to read about.

Anyway, this whole Jesus thing kinda creeps me out. But then again, Mo has always had a penchant for Latin men.

I have to say, the guy’s got an easy style about him compared to a lot of other male models I see on the street. He dresses like he’s just concerned enough but never too overstyled. Function, comfort and lines that flatter his figure. Which is in a way, very stylish.

The shirt’s a little gino but the colour works. He also pairs it with the slickest duffel I have ever seen.

Absolutely beautiful jacket. Understated colour.

He even cleans up well for the Costume Gala.

I think Madonna should maybe get a few tips from Jesus at this point.

Alright, maybe they’re kind of a cute couple:

Next up, we’ll do a little look-see at Guy’s dapper but masculine style. I’m sure he has enough money now from the divorce to pick up some new gear for some potential cavorting. Being on the market and all.

My computer has swine flu…

My computer somehow contracted this awful virus so I’ve been MIA due to my lack of internet access.
For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading Toronto Life (I know, I know), watching The Wire and eating my face off (made French onion soup for the first time!).
So my updates will be sparse until I have this baby up and running again.
I’m even lucky to be able to get online right now so I’m gonna make the most of these precious 8 minutes before my machine explodes.

I’ll be back…

Madonna is batshit crazy

Congratulations to Madonna on her new Kabbalah husband, Jesus.
His dad states that he is very happy for the lovely couple and wishes his son mucho happiness.

My eyes just rolled so far back in my head, I just shit them out.

In other Madge news, her and Paul Oakenfold have a few new tracks coming out for yet another greatest hits album. I mean, give it up Madonna. I love you but please just write some tunes and get on with it. What’s with this greatest hit bullshit?
Nothing will beat:

Madonna (and Jesus) in W Magazine Exclusive – Outtakes Only

How funny that after divorcing her homophobic hack director of a husband, Madonna goes and hooks up with a guy young enough to be her great-great-great grandson! And not only did she have the largest grossing tour of 2008 and become the new Louis Vuitton girl, she goes and plays this sexy maneater in a brand new Steven Klein shoot for W Magazine! Which is so exciting to see! Madge is back with a vengeance!


Styled by long-time industry professional and Madonna collaborator Arianne Phillips, the 46-page spread is a steamy romp through a mansion in Rio with her boy-toy model and soon to be household name Jesus Luz (what is he, 16? 17?). Madonna looks great, as always when there’s Steven Klein and Photoshop involved, but I was fortunate enough to be asked by Steven to visit the set that day and be in a few shots here and there. A shout-out to Juarez for getting us Fiji water all day. Unfortunately, the March 2009 issue hasn’t hit newsstands yet but I can share a few outtakes Liz Rozenberg sent me via Blackberry…

Madonna was cool enough to walk over herself to tell the pool boy to get us lunch:

Here’s an outtake of Madonna after she gets a call on her Vertu that she has to give $76 million to Guy Ritchie. It was kinda awkward:
madonna and me party

But Madge soldiers on (as the Brits say):
Some great menswear (and lack of) in these shots too.

This is the shot that I was in that apparently didn’t make it into the magazine. S’okay. No skin off my yellow ass:
madonna and jesus and me

At first, we thought Madonna was joking about the pool boy’s extra tiny penis and it was almost as awkward as the whole Guy Ritchie phone call but while we eavesdropped, we actually discovered that she was scolding him for forgetting the condiments for our lunch. No biggie. We sent Juarez back into the city to get us salsa for our tilapia tacos.

Anyway, that was a Sunny Fong – Chinese Work Ethic website exclusive, Madonna and fashion fans!

The other exclusive is that I know for a fact from a reliable source who has worked with Steven Klein that he is always jacked up on as much coke as Kate Moss. Oh coke. I love fashion people on coke as much as I love pictures of fashion people eating. It reminds us of why we have finally arrived at a place where Americans can elect a black President.

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