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CWE’s Picks of Picks

I was perusing an article about top picks from fancy shmancy stores such as Bergdorf’s and Neiman’s. I thought I’d weed through it and share my top picks of the top picks. I would even go as far as saying that a lot of this stuff can be utilized right through the spring months.

I thought these muted linen pocket squares by Paul Smith (I think) are gorgeous. They’re just so subtle. the problem with pocket squares is that most guys, especially finance dudes, choose ones that look more like a magician’s hankerchief than a sartorial accent. These three are perfect for any grey suit. Not blowing my nose on these, I’ll tell you that.

I recently found this kind of shirt at Zellers for about $10 but since I’ve been scolded by many friends to stop buying sweatpants, I put it back. Now that I look at this John Varvatos crewneck sweatshirt, I’m regretting my decision. And I’m not paying $300 for a sweatshirt. I was predicting the comeback of the crewneck last year (perfect under a vintage denim jacket on a nice spring day) so I think I’m gonna make a return trip to Zellers today.

This Jack Spade weekender makes me want to go to New York for a weekend to buy this weekender but then I’d need a weekender to take with me on the weekend to buy this weekender… Booking plane tickets for April 22!

I’ve been noticing more guys on the train wearing Timberland shoes and I’ll have to say, with the right outfit, they look pretty fucking cool. I especially like these basic winter boots in a rounded toe. It actually looks classic.

I predicted the chambray a few years back. And I think it’s going to be the new skinny jean this year. I like this one though. I have a chambray from highschool that I absolutely love and it’s worn to shit. So I think I might get myself a new one that’s rough looking but still dark in colour.

This has always been my dream scarf. I already have a couple of Burberry scarves so it’s not like I absolutely need one. But if I could have one fashion item from the retail genie right now, I’d ask for this. I was at a friend’s wine cellar last weekend and Rob walked in sporting this. His wife told me it was a gift and I said “whoa, she’s a keeper.” And I’m very sad that no one told me that a Burberry store opened up in Toronto. Very sad.

Alright, I can’t afford anything right now so I’m puttin’ on my coat to go to Zellers. Wish me luck.


Man Bags

My grandpa’s bag that I love carrying for work

I’ve noticed that there is an increase of men on the street and at the gym carrying nicer bags. I have tendinitis so I try not to carry my bag too much and just go with the murse. But even that hurts my scoliosis-ridden back sometimes. Aside from health factors, I just don’t like the man bag all that much. It’s one of those things that is stylish in theory but rarely can someone pull off (unless you’re Bryanboy).

As for women, don’t even get me started with these monstrosities:

Maybe because I find that most men choose the wrong kind of weekenders or duffels. But the right bag can turn a guy into a sophisticated stud or a try-hard lameass poser. Par example:
Buddy over her with his ridiculous 63K Hermès Boy Birkin. LAME.

I did a little reading and found a few that I quite enjoy:

Gorgeous leather Jack Spade duffel. Perfect for a long weekend.

And for a shorter overnight conference, this Jack Spade canvas bag is perfect. It’s a little dull but who gives a fuck.

I’m not sure where this bag is from but I want it.

For those who are a little more rock and roll (British, not Bon Jovi), this Paul Smith limited edition bag is perfect.

Dolce and Gabbana surprisingly makes some very versatile accessories. This bag is surprisingly sophisticated and subdued. Sequined pants not included.

I like the odd design of the handle on this Peroni bag.

For those weekends in the country or a meeting in the city, this Il Bisonte bag is super. I like the preppy colours. It also comes with a $1200 price tag.

But this is my favourite bag of all. Available for pre-order at Opening Ceremony.

That’s a funny story, Mark

Paris Is Ignited

Jetsetting with Jack Spade

I actually called the Jack Spade store last year and told them that they needed to pay me for championing their bags to everyone I know.
So far, 9 of my friends now own a Jack Spade bag because of my incessant promotion of this wonderfully whimsical yet sophisticated brand. If I could live in Jack Spade world, I would. If I could wear all Jack Spade clothes, I would. If I could furnish my house in Jack Spade colours, motifs and… You get the picture.

Because Holt Renfrew doesn’t sell them anymore, the only place to get one is at Next Door on Queen West but they’re so overpriced. Every bag I got at the Bleeker Street store was always on sale, even the best sellers. I got my last bridle leather one at 50% off. And even Lori bought a white one the last time we were in SoHo.

Recently, I hopped into Next Door to check out a new travel bag…

I came.

Jack Spade! Why don’t you ship to Canada? Why!?

Must-haves for Spring 2009

I already have 6 of Details’ Top 10 Spring 2009 must-have items for men.

Time for my own TOP TEN MUST-HAVES FOR SPRING 2009:


I’ve always loved Wayfarers. My grandfather and my grandmother wore them. But we need to give him a rest.
Every time I see a 19 year-old wearing Wayfarers, I’m gonna show them this:

Kind of like a fashion Care Bear staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare…

To which he will respond, “Wow, you are old.”

Hopefully, people will start wearing different sunglasses. There are plenty to choose from!
My father wore aviators from as far as I can remember. They’ve had been adopted by trendsters until they got so tacky that they sort of fell off the radar. But once again, they are making a comeback. The classic aviator. No plastic, no Kanye, no flash, no diamonds, no eurotrash details…

Vintage Porsche aviator set:

When I make some more money from selling some sweaters online, I am going to get these from a contact of mine. $40 for this whole set. I’m this close.


This might sound sarcastic but when times are tough, fashion seems to go the opposite way by trying to find the silver lining in the clothing clouds. After 9-11, keen trendspotters noticed more prints and electric colours. Now that there’s a looming recession (even I’m cutting back on purchases this year but only because I’m saving up for a China trip), designers are running to bigger brands such as Walmart, Puma and Target to create colourful and affordable pieces for the mass populace.

Cashmere is also getting more affordable these days with wool blend options at Banana Republic, Uniqlo and Club Monaco that are just as soft as the real thing. So cheer up. Things are looking brighter soon.

Sometimes I reread my own fashion writing and I want to vomit all over Plum Sykes’ Chinese Laundry sandals.

I recently attended the Bustle show at Toronto Fashion Week and you can see my review here. Though a little underwhelming, there were a few key pieces that impressed me.
Like this wonderfully short double-breasted trench.
A play on the new length from Fall/Winter 2008’s peacoats, this trench will stand out in the sea of khaki and black rumpled trench coats that every magazine is predicting.

I have a whole selection of khaki and neutrals in my wardrobe but for some reason, I never wear any of them together. I’ve recently started pulling creams, lavenders and olives out of my closet and incorporating them into my weekday wardrobe:
I mean, why buy a purple shirt and not wear it?

But of course, male models always look better in everything. Especially the ones who are sporting just got off a long flight hair, the new do for Spring 2009.
Odd combinations of neutrals and muted layers are a great way to show a more feminine side without looking effeminate. When in doubt, pair it with a light grey.

I had mentioned a Mondaine that my friend Deep purchased recently and it really is my favourite watch right now. And for under $300, it’s an incredible buy. But rather than repeating myself, may I suggest a vintage Mondaine like this one?
Regarded as the producer of the official Swiss Railway watches, Mondaine has been in the business of watches since 1951. The one pictured is not a railway clock design, but is still a nice looking sports hand wound chronograph, built to a high specification.

Even J. Crew of all places was selling vintage Rolex oyster watches on their website last fall:
No longer available, of course.

If you can’t afford a vintage Rolex, try this alligator Seiko from the 70’s:
vintage watch
Either way, for under $300, one can have a great collector’s piece that will remain timeless. *whon whon*

I think those $675 Prada women’s laptop sleeves are just ridiculous. For guys, I would go with this gem from Acme:

Acme “Cargo” laptop bag in grey flannel, around $250 available at Henry’s.
Flannel ain’t just for carpet munchers anymore.

Acme slim laptop bag, all bags start from $149.

Jack Spade nylon laptop bag on sale at Jack Spade’s website for $68.
Picture 4

What will I be wearing with my colour v-neck sweaters? Brand new dark denim straight leg slim (NOT skinny) jeans with a slight sheen. Leave the button pockets at the discount designer outlet. Get expensive looking straight leg jeans. Trust me. They will go with everything.

I wore it all winter formally to be a rebel. But seersucker is sleek but eccentric. Classic but quirky. Clean but old-fashioned. Light but masculine. It’s a breath of fresh spring air. Pair it with shorts if you can pull it off. Or if you’re hosting a party on a boat.

Seersucker is also going to be huge with people with vaginas but this is a mens fashion site so let’s not go there.

A few seasons ago, I saw ONE $100 real snakeskin belt at Zara and when I returned a week later to look at it again, it was gone. And never seen again.
A real snakeskin belt can run up to $800 (Jil Sander makes an incredible orange one) but no slithery serpents need to die for your style this spring. Get a print like this one:

Sophisticated and totally PC, only a cow needs to die. Steaks for everyone!

I predicted these in my mind but then started seeing these in magazines this month… So I’m not jumping on a bandwagon or anything. Honest.
Try a non-suede pair in a colour other than khaki like these ones from Clarks:

So I’m definitely looking forward to spring. The fresh air, the sunshine, the flowers, the birds chirping and of course, putting away the winter coats and starting fresh with a new wardrobe.

Here’s hoping…

I can’t afford humour!

Winter’s not over yet for us in Canada and New York so to keep people on the street smiling during the greyer months, I would pick up a pair of these Jack Spade moustache gloves.
This will be surefire way to cure people’s winter blues and you’ll probably receive constant giggles.

But at $95 a pair, you’ll cry when you get your credit card bill.

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