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Sticks and Stones


My Idol

I love the black and white photographs of Howard. They are so rock and roll and really hark back to a time when Rolling Stone was relevant.

Read the full article with my idol here.

My hero…

Mr. Stern on Letterman, busting Dave’s balls once again…

The reason why I’m posting this? I’m a huge Howard Stern Superfan and of course, I was curious to see the Tom Ford outfit he wore to his wedding.
Very chic, Howard! I think Ralph actually did a great job pairing a cool tee with your suit.

And nice black Purcells too! A subtle casual rock and roll but still fashionable touch.

Fuck Ralph. Long live Howard!

All I neeeeeeeeeeeed are earplugs!

This has nothing to do with fashion or style but it’s an old favourite of mine:

I don’t care if it might be fake.



Chris, you’ll get this:

Someone please buy this for me.
Please. I’ll 143 forever.

Poor Sal.

Love[,] Karl

Karl Lagerfeld came over tonight and watched some Active Duty with me. I’m not particularly attracted to him (I liked him more pre-pheasant for breakfast and bulemia for dinner – what a great band name!) so instead of normally caving in to fooling around with older men who can help my career, we settled on a no-touching mutual jerk off to some military gay-for-pay porn. Epaulettes are gonna be big for spring btw.

So right before he was about to come, I ran to my closet organizer and grabbed a black t-shirt. I put it on and I got him to straddle my tiny sweet smooth 28-inch Asian waist and spray his hot creamy white man-juice all over my shirt in the formation of his signature. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Though I think a “sincerely” or “regards” would’ve been a little more subtle.

I think he forgot a comma but I got him to get the fuck out cuz my ass was woooooooooooooooooooown the fuck out…

And just for the hell of it, I thought I’d share “Can I taste yo’ joose?”

Cuz my ass was woooooooooooooooooooown the fuck out…

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