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Lanvin vs. H&M


November 2, 2010 is the launch of the new collection which includes menswear from Lucas Ossendrijver!
November 23 will be when it goes on sale. Alright bitches, get the fuck out of my way!

A very strange press release photo of Alber Elbaz (one-time fired designer turned creative genius) by Paolo Roversi (who has had a very consistent career). Maybe Elbaz here is contemplating the amount of cha-ching he will be making from this collection.

I’m super excited.


Thumbs down for H&M

This story totally makes me think of the Grapes of Wrath when all the fruit was burned instead of giving it to the starving migrant workers.
H&M apparently destroys brand new unworn clothing due to their lack of outlets.

Sad story.

H&M Spring 2010 Preview

Items from the new Jimmy Choo for H&M collection shown above

H&M is definitely the most affordable place to your style fix. From cashmere to socks, there’s something for every budget. I bought organic cotton shorts for the beach for $5. A hoodie for $5. Henleys for $9. And dress shirts for $10. You just can’t beat that. And surprisingly, all these items were made in Germany, not Vietnam or China.

They hire great designers and there are so many different labels to choose from. I can always find something there to buy so I tend to avoid going in unless I have some extra cash in my wallet. The quality of some of the stuff isn’t as low as people exclaim to be. I have three merino sweaters that have stood the test of time. They look much better than my expensive cashmere sweaters. I even love my H&M seersucker blazer. Everyone thinks it’s from J. Crew or Ralph Lauren. The only thing I avoid at H&M are the blue jeans. Low quality and cheap looking. But the coloured denim is well made. durable and the colour stays bright even after multiple washings.

American classic and emo rave is still prominent but being a trendsetter, H&M isn’t just going to stick with what sells. The secret to their success is branding confidence. They sell the most outrageous pants next to the classic trousers you want for that job interview. They will produce a horribly tacky collection by Madonna next to a must-have little black dress. They have the gumption and take the risk to combine fashion forward with affordable ready-to-wear. Confidence is what’s keeping H&M sales up and the brand as hot as ever.

H&M seems to be moving into a different direction for 2010. Inspired by The Sartorliast (IMO), the pieces seem lighter, more colourful and less 80’s. Leave the bright neon graphics for the clubs. Spring is about European style: Italian details, Swedish sensibilities and French dandyism.
Here is a Spring 2010 Men’s Collection preview:

I love this khaki jacket, especially the lines on the shoulder. Looks great with the red jeans.

Can’t touch this outfit.

Beautiful colour for a spring leather jacket. And I like the accessories on his left hand.

And of course, every man should own a great classic trench like this one. And there’s something really preppy about the colours of that cardigan. Could be a wardrobe reject from The Royal Tenenbaums. Window plaid was big in Europe last spring and I think we’re going to see it more and more throughout 2010. I think this model pulls it off well. And notice the return of the pointed boot? Slick is creeping back in. Is the fashion world getting tired of the boat shoe?

I’m going to make banana muffins now… Goodnight everyone!

Jimmy Snooze for H&M

Famous glitterati (wow, I feel like an asshole for using that term) shoe and accessories designer Jimmy Choo is the next big name to be doing a capsule collection for H&M.
I’m sure the women’s shoes will be a big success considering they will be a fraction of the normal prices for a pair of Choo’s. Probably even bigger catfights will break out like they did when Matthew Williamson’s collection debuted.
But it seems there’s also a men’s clothing line as well so that should be interesting. Or not…

I’d maybe get the bag but I think I would feel too fruity carrying it. And I hate fold-over pockets on leather jackets. It’s like snap pockets on the back of men’s jeans.

But really, this is super boring stuff. Jimmy Choo isn’t known for suits so I’d pass on that unless it was incredibly exquisite. And a white shirt? Whoopdity doo da.

I have those Chelsea boots already. The studded monstrosities in the centre look like they were painted with goose shit.

Look at these yawners. Total snoozers.

I thought Jimmy Choo was about glamour, sleekness and colour? Is this the Jimmy Choo man? Looks more like Jil Sander for Uniqlo.

I’m a little disappointed but I will post again when I see it in person. The Williamson collection was fugly but touching it and trying it on made me realize that some of the pieces were incredibly wearable and unique. We’ll be seeing the Jimmy Poo for H&M collection in stores on November 14.

Some designers I’d love to see do a men’s collection for H&M or Uniqlo:
– Tom Ford
– Raf Simons
– Patrick Ervell
– Alexander McQueen
– Yohji Yamamoto
– Shipley and Halmos
– Jean Paul Gaultier
– Vivienne Westwood
– Helmut Lang

ALL of these designers would do something crazy interesting. Especially Westwood and Gaultier.

Okay, bedtime for me. The more I look at that grey t-shirt, the sleepier I’m getting.

Matthew Williamson’s Men’s Collection

Ya, I stole these photos.

Pink pants. Surprise, surprise.
Why the big secret? Isn’t Williamson going to model it himself for the campaign? Like anyone’s gonna wanna buy that! Get Luke Warroll out of Kelly Osbourne’s smelly, disgusting, flappy pussy now and on the phone, stat!

Make clothes, not war!

So even though GM is in the shitter and everyone is losing their jobs, people still have the time to line up at 4 AM for a crack at the new Matthew Willamson capsule collection for H&M. Fashion is not dead, people! Long live materialism!

As my friend Jane said this morning on a message board: “this is why people fly planes into buildings.”
Which I don’t really get. I mean, are Islamic fundamentalists jealous that we got Viktor & Rolf for H&M?

And not only do scrotum-less husbands have the time to line up for their wives for a peacock dress –

9:25 a.m.
Stephen Thompson (one of the few people willing to give his name) is an outsider here. He is neither fashionista nor frequent shopper – in fact, he owns a construction company. He has driven from Mississauga for the love of his wife: She has instructed him to get the tunic top she saw on a recent episode of Cityline, even drawn him a helpful picture.

No one tells him he is too far back in the line. No one tells him it is hopeless.
Haha, sucker! Someone’s not getting a blowjob tonight!

– but it seems that the ladies also have enough grande lattes in them to start a few fashion fights.

Here’s a preview of what everyone is pulling each other’s weaves for:


Where’s the men’s stuff? Blah.

Vincent Gallo dropped by H&M

As previously mentioned, Vincent Gallo was the new spokeswhore for H&M.
I like how one blog called him a “charmi-douche.” It’s like that he’s so annoyingly successful, we can’t just come out and call him something more direct like stupid, annoying or any of the other 500 insulting adjectives out there. Everything has to be some kind of veiled attempt at flinging shit at him because frankly, the man is the ultimate fashion, art and film world muse with more names in his Rolodex than an AIDS quilt (What? Washington Memorial didn’t have enough snap!).

Anyway, H&M has now decided to go with a more physically attractive actor/celebrity spokesperson who isn’t a stranger to the fashion and modelling world, William Dafoe:

He was great in Body of Evidence and looks great in slim khakis.

Matthew Williamson for H&M

After a very successful stint with Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcons, looks like the H&M by Matthew Williamson capsule collection is actually happening.
Now forgive me but I know nothing about fashion but isn’t this incredibly talented man unemployed and working as a stockboy at Selfridges?
Or did I just miss some kinda fashion train?

Last I saw him, he was hugging Andre Leon Talley backstage in a denim vest. So what was that, 1999?

I know he was made the Creative Director at Pucci. Big global brand but don’t know if that’s been quite as successful as it should’ve been had they hyped it up a little bit more. Does anyone know if he is still there?

Also, no one can really afford Pucci even if it’s on sale at an outlet store. I saw this woman once try on this horrific car crash of a ski jacket by Pucci and the only thing that stopped her was the fact that it was still $1200 on sale.

Anyway, I’m kinda dreading that there will be too many flowers and little prints everywhere, even in the men’s line. He’s got a penchant for pink and petals. Not (on) my bag at all. I’m even scared of mauve. Yeah yeah, I’m a bad gay guy.

Also, does anyone know if Williamson has scoliosis? I have it myself and I noticed that in the new ads, he’s very crooked. Anyway, I don’t have high expectations but we’ll see. I didn’t have high expectations for Viktor and Rolf’s collection and that turned out alright.
I like that my fashion journalism includes bold statements like “that turned out alright.” Haha.

The new H&M collaboration with Matthew Williamson debuts in stores April 23.

Vincent Gallo skeeves me out…

Image taken off of this gem of a site.
Hey look, they even have a pic of those Clarks desert boots I recommended!

Vincent Gallo seems to pop up everywhere like a weird rash that you didn’t notice until the tag on your shirt rubbed up against it.
Not only was he pegging Belvedere Vodka with Terry Richardson not too long ago, he is now the spokeswhore for H&M’s Spring 2009 campaign.

He just kinda annoys me because he’s what Joaquin Phoenix aspires to be but doesn’t have to try. It scares me to think that this man can put out an album that was kinda shitty, a film that was a semi-hit, pimp himself out as a prostitute and still get taken seriously enough to be offered to write and direct the new Captain America film.

He has since walked off the project citing creative differences but continues to infest our magazines and minds.

I met him once at a Bruce Weber event in Toronto and he not only had the foulest breath but the guy was 4 feet tall and had size 18 feet. Unless it was just the shoes:

Regardless, it is nice to see Oshawa-born Shalom Harlow back in the spotlight a little more. She has been getting steady work for the last few years but I think she’s going to make a major comeback for a bigger house. You’ll be seeing more of her in the new H&M ads as well next to Gallo and Eva Herzigova.
She’s an incredible model to say the least and one of my personal favourites.

Known to be a bit of a ditz but she has some of the most amazing features when photographed by the right people.

But I’m going to let Shalom redeem herself a little because us Canadians gotta stick up for each other:

I saw bring back some of those models when things were a little more about glamour and less about irony. Nadja! Stella! Karen Elson! Where y’all at, bitches?
Screw you, Agyness!

I don’t get your appeal.

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