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I’ll see you in Hello Kitty Hell

Who knew?


Hello Fishy

From the Little Gift Sanrio Conference.. Or whatever the fuck it’s called. It’s neat though, eh?

I save dem bundles

Stairway to stardom…

So I was recently cast in the new Hello Kitty MAC commercial as Blackface Kitty Dancer #3.
Our little dance appears around the 2-minute mark.

I’ve always worked my way up in every industry I’ve worked in so I’ve got my eye on you Hollywood! With hard work, humiliating modeling gigs and taking any parts that I can get my hands on, I’ll make it there… One community theatre production at a time.


Hello Affirmative Action!

In honour of America’s first black President, MAC today has decided to launch this specialty item:

Shoppers all around the world lined up around the corner today in a mass frenzy for this Inaugaration Special Edition Hello Kitty Mac Makeup Kit

Reports from the LA Times, Fox News and The Telegraph this morning have noted that these are quickly running out due to rampant looting. I was just listening to 680 News and they are warning white people to stay away from all MAC makeup stores today and tomorrow. Everything should be back to normal by Saturday afternoon.

At 6 AM, my friend’s nanny Lakisha lined up at the Eaton Centre location and said that only light-skinned versions were available.

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