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Menswear Trends – Spring 2013

Ugly ass mens shoes

Fashion can have a cruel cruel cruel sense of humour. The It brands, editors and creative directors initiate and manipulate every trend that ejaculates all over the fashion crowd’s hungry, gaping mouths; bloggers and hipsters gobbling it up like piranhas in a children’s wading pool. So you laugh and you laugh and you laugh some more. But the joke’s on you.

Ever walk down the street and see that poor young soul wearing some fucking stupid piece of clothing? You snicker, you point, maybe even take a secret photo with your phone. Only a year later, you see it in several stores that you frequent. And then a year later, you’re trying on a cheaper version of it at H&M. Then a few seasons later, it’s on frat guys at a hookah bar. Remember how dumb skinny jeans kinda looked when they first came out? Or how cardigans were really only something teh gheys and maybe an art school kid wore? Trends stick around, morph or get translated by the mainstream retailers like Old Navy. Can’t swing a dick without hitting a gay guy in a shawl collar sweater.


Sometimes it’s hard to keep up but living in a dull city like Toronto, we don’t really have to. We have no hopes in catching up to the shit that has become everyday wear on the streets of Paris, Milan, New York or even Shanghai. I’d like to think Torontonians have better things to do.

But clearly I don’t. So anyway, I was told to write less on this blog and keep it snappy so here are some of 2013 menswear trends according to CWE…


So forget those Lanvin hi-tops or retro Stan Smiths. New Balance struck a chord with the fashion crowd a few seasons back. Ever since well-dressed businessmen started wearing them with suits on the commute home, they became a hit. Now the major labels have caught on and are creating luxe versions of this classic shape. I think we’ll see this as much as the hi-top in the next while.
These Balanciaga sneakers look like ones I had in high school but I got mine at Zeller’s and they didn’t cost $865.

Converse x Missoni. Barf.

Come on.

new balance 41
I wanted to get these but my friend said they looked like something a rapist would wear hiding in a park. Hayden Christenen was spotted wearing this exact pair. Unrelated thoughts.


Tuxedo detailing is in a lot of collections.

Tuxedo jackets on their own is also going to be a huge thing. Look for a nice lapel and wear it with jeans.

Blame it on Ryan Gosling.

Look at this little fucker workin’ it before church.


'Django Unchained' Rome Premiere
Jamie Foxx at his premiere of the worst movie I’ve ever seen is right on trend with this Ozwald Boatend royal blue suit. This is the suit for Spring 2013. Blue, blue, blue. Mix different blues with the pants and jacket, wear it with brogues, wear dark blue, royal blue, light blue. The brighter the suit, the more fashion forward.

Paul Smith S/S 2013

Gucci S/S 2013


A friend recently bought this exact Filson x Levi’s brown waxed denim jacket for his husband and he was completely on point. This denim jacket in brown (grey, black, white) and similar cousins will be surfacing on the streets soon.

Well, look at Jake Gyllenhaal ahead of the curve.


Think 70’s, not quite a bathrobe, not quite a trench. I for one will not be caught dead in a belted cardigan but I do belt my Junk De Luxe mac trench 100% of the time. This might not catch on till 2014 when it becomes the new knit business casual cardigan. Even uber masculine brands like Zegna and Perry Ellis (with my faves Duckie Brown onboard) are churning out shit like this to appeal to the ever-growing fashion conscious male demographic.

Ferragamo S/S 2013.

Zegna S/S 13.


I forgot who this is but I think he looks pretty silly.

David Beckhams horsey cardigan
And finally someone who always seems to be sporting the latest trends, Mr. Posh Beckham. Look at him in his little belted horsey cardigan. I know what you’re thinking: poor Becks is such a fashion victim. Well, what you might not know is that this photograph was taken in 2006.

See? Joke’s on you, right?

More trends to report on in the coming weeks. Goodnight.


Spring 2011 Menswear Trends

Jil Sander

It was surprisingly mild yesterday. The snow was melting and I even heard some birds chirping at 5 AM. It inspired me to post about menswear trends for Spring 2011 so before the evening flash freeze came, I rushed inside to curl up in bed with my netbook.

Many concepts will be bleeding onto the streets (well, maybe not here in Toronto but in Paris, London and New York ahem) come April when the weather starts to get a little bit better for playing with fashion. But despite what Pete the Groundhog is predicting, we’ll still be seeing a lot of jackets, hoods, hats, and heavy fabrics. Here are a few key trends that I’ll be playing with this spring/summer…

Colour Blocking
Choose colours that are pure hues with a slight zing. Anything too citrus-y and you’ll miss the mark. It has to be a slightly cool colour as your big flashy focal piece. Wear them in big solid pieces on top of each other, matte or sheeny. I’m gonna be doing greens, reds, that Kate Middleton blue below and electric yellows.

Jil Sander

Duckie Brown

Graphic Prints

Wear them bold, graphic and unabashed. Skull and crossbone prints are big again and so are florals. Anything that makes you look like a flaming faggot.

Jil Sander


Strong Blacks
Biker chic, futuristic or loose like a ninja. Black jackets seem to be a big thing and the motorcross is again a spring staple. Mix it with a super bright white for something a little avant garde.


Duckie Brown

Rick Owens

Yigel Azrouel

White White White
Wear white as if you were wearing black. So if you favour black trousers, a black suit and a black vest, choose the opposite.

Philip Lim

Patrick Ervell

Getting Loose
Tailored pieces are getting a bit of a break for spring. Shoulders are larger, pant legs are getting fatter and jackets are getting less structured. There are still sharp angles but mixed with some draping and a “I’ve just been on a plane” look. I think the key idea is effortless looking but to me, I’m going to be sticking with things that fit. I have a baggy pair of black J. Lindberg cotton structured samurai pants that I might whip out for summer but I do like to feel my clothing hugging my body.

This loose athletic look is three trends in one: unstructured, white and a slight eastern flowiness to the collar. Who knew Bottega Veneta would make a slow comeback, eh?

Costume National


Richard Chai

Worldly Traveler
It seems that many designers are moving away from rugged clothing and inspired by North African aesthetics, Middle Eastern sensibilities and dare I say, the Orient (gag). I’m sick of frayed and distressed American classic and hoity toity date rapist prep too but I’m not sure how worldy you’ll look in a caftan and a male burqa. But hey, at least it’s not another pair of rolled up corduroys.

Rick Owens

Raf Simons

Raf Simons

Simon Spurr

Speaking of travel, where should I go next? Chicago, San Fran, London, Hong Kong or Bangladesh?

Tom Ford the Director

Directed by Tom Ford, A Single Man is based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. Set in Los Angeles in 1962, at the height of the Gucci missile crisis, it’s the story of a British college professor (Colin Firth) who is struggling to find Gucci in his life after the death of his long time partner. The story is a romantic tale of love interrupted, the isolation that is an inherent part of the Gucci, and ultimately the importance of the seemingly smaller accessories in life.

Marc Ronson for Gucci

Speaking of Marc Ronson, he has teamed up with Gucci to design a line of footwear.

Even though he looks like a ponce and the photographs are dull as hell (tell me these aren’t the actual ads but just Reuters promos), I still want his superstar producer babies.

The shoes aren’t as hot as the Lanvin ones but I’d still want Marc to hang one on his boner for me.

Boat Shoes (but not for boating)

Remember 5 years ago when my insanely hot coworker (Hi Ryan! Martinis and Winamp night at my place soon!) wore boat shoes to the office without socks? And I fell in love with him from then on? And then I said “god, boat shoes would be huuuuuuuuge if they caught on….” Then I told some white people about them and they said “Those shoes that my people wear to the cottage? Ya, my dad has those…” Then I went to NYC and every fucker working in a cafe in Williamsburg and Red Hook were wearing them with rolled up Ralph Lauren jeans?


I then started to wear my grandfather’s boat shoes but only to the park and for walks to the store because I find them insanely uncomfortable. Maybe because my grandpa routinely bought $8 shoes. I could never walk more than 10 blocks in them without getting a giant blister.

Now deck shoes, boat shoes and all kinds of variations of this American classic are everywhere. This summer, it finally hit the mainstream after a few years of being ubiquitous with retail associates at Jack Spade and What Comes Around, Goes Around.

I guess to stay hip, us hipsterattis have to to look for unique ones that aren’t going to be sold everywhere. Inaccessibility is so hot.

Gucci boat shoes featured on The New Light of Tomorrow.

Or maybe these deck boots Rogues Gallery, which I think will be my next big purchase:

Leather insole and hand stitching. These are handmade boots that will eventually conform to your feet.

At $498, I think I’ll pass on the boots and buy something I need instead. Like a fucking coffee table. Or a rug I like that these shoes cost more than a table. Or two rugs. Or 5 rugs at Ikea. Or 8 pairs of Topsiders. Oooooooooooh, maybe I’ll just get 8 pairs of Topsiders.

Uncle Tom

Tom Ford gettin’ his squeeze on with me at a pre-party at LAX Las Vegas.

Mick Bagger

Gucci’s new weekender bag is hot like a rolling stone. A hot rock even. This bag needs no sympathy from the devil. Gucci’s leather accessories are so luxurious and crafted with such supple skins from lamb to wild horses… Alright, I’ll stop. Haha.

With the magic of Photoshop and gallons of Clinique’s Turnaround Creme, Mick Jagger is looking better than ever in the new Gucci campaign.

He doesn’t look a day over 22.

Gucci Gucci goo

Gucci belt.
$12 jeans.

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