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Dior Homme Spring Summer 2012

Is it me or are some of the Spring Summer 2012 collections look more like fall collections? What’s with all the drab, sharp lines and jackets? Alright, I guess they’re sleeveless but I was expecting something more flirty for 2012. I think a lot of houses are starting to stay away from prep overload and dowdiness. This isn’t as BoHo as previous seasons.

I am totally distracted by the shitty music and the fact that everyone is fanning the living daylights out of themselves. It can’t be THAT hot.


Dior Homme Fall 2010/2011 Men’s Collection

Just got cold today. Like, really cold. Sweaters are coming out.

Man, things are getting dark in fashion too.
I wanted a non-preppy, unapologetic winter palette and I got my wish! Months of khakis, plaid and classic hues has made me yearn for some seedy rock and roll. Some of Dior’s looks are a little reminiscent of a certain lameass Keanu Reeves movie (no, not Bill & Ted) but there seems to be a common theme happening amongst the big brands for Fall Winter 2010/2011.

I love that the runway is presented as the letters C and D for Christian Dior. And when all the models came out, he arranged them in order from lightest to darkest (clothes, not skin). Clever little bugger, that Van Assche.

Looks like it’s gonna be an evil winter.

Vampire Weekend

Menswear Fall 2009 Collections – The Good!

God, there’s a lot of bad clothing out there. But here are few of my favourites that didn’t make me cringe.

Corpus does this cute little plaid coat. I’ve always loved this colour combination for tartan (in the process of getting some cushions custom made next month) so if I didn’t already have 100 jackets, I’d order this. I particularly love the cut, the lapels and the zipper detailing.
Haven’t seen the two tone shoes in a while (they were super popular in my high school as I went to school with a lot of vintage freaks and indie kids) so it will be nice to see if they start going mainstream outside of Orange County.

I’m so sick of try-hard hipster colours and head-to-toe 90’s. Now I know why my mom was so exasperated when I used to wear 70’s stuff in high school. I love pure hues so much. And black. Not enough people wear black. Which is great because I will be rocking a lot of black when the leaves start falling. Structured black pieces. This Dior Homme jacket is incredibly chic.

Gilded Age takes duffel detailing but implements it into a pseudo-trench. The colour palette is part lumberjack, part Hamptons. I think Nathanielt148 would approve.

Though I don’t like the model choice, the look has interesting things happening. Helmut Lang is all about asymmetry and light fabrics. He’s the one person who can make airy fabrics seem hard and intimidating. The collar is very sophisticated and the layering is interesting. It’s downtown warrior chic.

More to come!

Menswear on Women

Speaking Janelle Monáe, her Colonel Sanders-esque retro get-ups (complete with bowling shoes in which she can moonwalk in among other impressive dance moves) brings to mind the recent trend of luxury menswear on women.

The trend never really did catch on on a mainstream level but has been a consistent visitor to the collections in France and London.

Look at Kate Moss here all fucked on coke, doing karaoke at the Viper Room in a Dior Homme leather cape.

My uber feminine Barbie doll friend Lori bought a Jack Spade messenger and for some reason, it’s just so much more hotter than if she had gone and got a giant Balanciaga. Something about a woman carrying a men’s briefcase does it for me as well. In Paris, I spotted a few gals carrying vintage attachés paired with their Louboutins.

Kate Moss in a Dior Homme suit

But who wants everyone to jump on the gender play bandwagon anyway? It would just ruin it. Look at the Chanel suit. Lagerfeld was smart to charge an insanely unaffordable amount for this timeless look because then every yenta from Long Island to Las Vegas would be throwing it over their bedroom ottomans.

I think Meredith Viera almost ruined it because she was always wearing those fringed blazers on television but other than a few lonely housewives, I think it’s safe to saw that the Chanel jacket is once again a classic item that isn’t ubiquitous enough to get boring.

Ashes in a Calvin Klein men’s tuxedo…

Can someone please tell Posh Spice to continue wearing menswear?
Doesn’t she look much more fuckable in a suit than her horrible little strappy dresses?

Don’t even me started on her own clothing line. It’s all atrocious but I digress.

And for once, Sofia Coppola (big fan here though) doesn’t look like she’d talk your head off about her belly button lint and her collection of Polaroid cameras.

Most of the time, I look at her and I just want to slap the shit out of her (Happy International Women’s Day btw) but here, she looks sexy, almost confident…

Hmm… Maybe because she looks like a man?

Maybe I’m just a huge misogynist. But aren’t all men in fashion misogynists?
Isn’t it all about control and how gay men essentially get to now dictate what women wear? Oooooh, that’s another entry in itself…

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