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Fashion Weak

Just to let people know that I’m not that guy.
But I will be down at the tents tomorrow for a men’s show so I’m looking forward to seeing some nice stuff.

But again, I anticipate being disappointed. Toronto fashion is kinda blah for me. It has this kind of nouveau, choppy aeshetic to it but I don’t want to pigeonhole all the designers. I think we have such a small market and such an elite fashion authority that we fail to support our younger designers thrive as much as they possible can. Particularly ones that have the ability to go a little nuts. I’m super happy to see so many young Canadians do so well in Paris, New York and London where they walk a fine line between artistic and wearability. Canadians are more about functionality than the artform.

Just some examples of Toronto fashion and fashion celebs…

Though Jeanne Beker is still awesome. She is always glamourous and on the ball !

Suzanne Boyd, former Editor of Flare

Why does this look like a Zellers version of whatever 5 trends they’re trying to put together? I love Philip Sparks shoes but his clothes are always a little off…

Gay and Gayer

Robin Kay, head honcho of the Fashion Design Council of Canada


My friend who works in New York (producing for Louis Vuitton, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Vogue) thinks Toronto fashion is the worst and so do a lot of his colleagues. Which is a sign that things need to change, reform or some fresh blood needs to be added to the scene. The fact that Sunny had to win a fucking reality show contest shows how un-chic our city can be. Because we always felt second fiddle to the major fashion epicentres, we tend to drool over b-list name celebrities and pander to a very corporate audience obsessed with wearability. The worst branding works here whereas a lot of our shows and campaigns look like cheap marketing ploys. Toronto is the queen of schtick. Often the glitz, pseudo-glamour and pretense overshadows the actual clothing. Which is a shame as the talent is there but the support system might not.

I kinda hope Sunny Fong gets a chance to move down south as well and work for a big company. I think that’s really the way to go because he is ultimately the most talented Canadian designer we’ve seen in years.

Anyway Sunny, if you’re reading this: I’m rootin’ for ya tonight. Let’s hope SOMEONE from Barney’s is there to buy something. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night at Bustle.



Toronto Fashion Week – Bustle Fall 2009 – #3

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Toronto Fashion Week – Bustle 2009 – #2

Toronto Fashion Week – Bustle Fall 2009 – #1

Long-legged mack daddy..




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