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Burberry Fall Winter Collection 2012/2013

I’ll have to admit, Burberry’s Fall 2012 Collection kinda looks like how I started dressing a few years back: a little dandy, a little cheesy, a little bit Newsies. I’m kinda glad Burberry never succumbs to prevalent trends by regurgitating American heritage or nautical. A plaid shirt is a plaid shirt is a toggle sweater is a toggle sweater sometimes. But Christopher Bailey takes what looked of-the-moment maybe even just a few years ago and reinterprets it again to make it look current. It’s a certain confidence in the design that allows big brands like Burberry to get away with updating perpetual classics without straying too far from what’s hot.

The pants are a little euro-trash and the shoes are pointier than what’s going on right now but there’s a self-assured way of dressing that Burberry brings to their customer no matter what it is. The obvious violations are the “2 sizes too short” outerwear and the pedestrian silhouettes.

Nothing too avant-garde and nothing outwardly fashion-forward. But the difference is in the surprising details.

The insane pops of colour and combinations that are completely unique to what’s happening now. Dare I say there’s a fabulous drabness to those mustard lines and accessories (a key colour this year for menswear) and in combination with the wine, a fresh new palette is born. Retro peanut butter and jelly I want to say but futuristic at the same time. Some might say that Burberry might be having an identity crisis (phasing in and out of rock and roll, luxury, sportswear and slightly resort-ish garb) but at least it’s always very me.

I am the perfect Burberry customer: Asian, wishy-washy, obsessive about luxury, interested in details, rock and roll sensibilities, likes to play with people’s perceptions and experimental without being too gaudy. Call me a fuddy duddy but my tastes border on outdated sometimes. Burberry gives me goosebumps though!



Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2011/2012

A sneak peek at Burberry Prorsum’s new campaign by Mario Testino.

Hot for Fall Winter 2011: coats. Duh.

GQ Editors’ Spring 2012 Picks

Ya know, sometimes I can’t figure out whether the editors of GQ are on crack or it’s the designers that are smoking drugs. Spring 2012 collections are already out and boy, is 2012 going to be a mix of fun and fugly. Of course I tend to focus on the fugly but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a little eccentricity here and there. Fashion should be crazy and awkward sometimes. That’s what makes it interesting. Women complain about unwearable runway looks all the time but it’s nothing compared to the men’s side of things as men can’t get away with it most of the time.

An editor actually picked this Prada golf pant. They’re just starting to come around to gays in the military so let’s not ruin it for all the gays on the golf course.

Jil Sander is finally making protective covers for their clothes. I could use this next week during Pride. Every year I grab a cab home dripping with cum so this would come in handy. Or I could just NOT do the sling this year.

Ellen is looking kinda gaunt these days.

I’m wearing Burberry today so this is disappointing. Do you know when you’re in line at the supermarket and you’re stuck behind an old woman counting out her change to buy one dinner roll and a Swanson? This is what she’d wear.

This might be the most boring Armani suit I’ve ever seen. He’s more boring than when a guy tries to talk to you after he cums inside me. I mean, go home already, it’s like 11:47 PM!

I have grey chelsea boots similar to these so no complaints. But a guy I once dated met me in public wearing animal print pants similar to these and I wish I had carried a tranquilizer gun on me that day.

I might’ve thrown up a little just now while posting this photo.

I’m not sure why but this somehow feels racist.

Sometimes I take a risk and go to a hippie’s party and I have to endure the night eating endive and listening to adults with dreads talk about how vegan living changes their farts. I usually skip off to the fire escape to have a cigarette but ultimately, someone dressed like this guy always comes out to bum a smoke.

Spring 2011 Menswear Trends

Jil Sander

It was surprisingly mild yesterday. The snow was melting and I even heard some birds chirping at 5 AM. It inspired me to post about menswear trends for Spring 2011 so before the evening flash freeze came, I rushed inside to curl up in bed with my netbook.

Many concepts will be bleeding onto the streets (well, maybe not here in Toronto but in Paris, London and New York ahem) come April when the weather starts to get a little bit better for playing with fashion. But despite what Pete the Groundhog is predicting, we’ll still be seeing a lot of jackets, hoods, hats, and heavy fabrics. Here are a few key trends that I’ll be playing with this spring/summer…

Colour Blocking
Choose colours that are pure hues with a slight zing. Anything too citrus-y and you’ll miss the mark. It has to be a slightly cool colour as your big flashy focal piece. Wear them in big solid pieces on top of each other, matte or sheeny. I’m gonna be doing greens, reds, that Kate Middleton blue below and electric yellows.

Jil Sander

Duckie Brown

Graphic Prints

Wear them bold, graphic and unabashed. Skull and crossbone prints are big again and so are florals. Anything that makes you look like a flaming faggot.

Jil Sander


Strong Blacks
Biker chic, futuristic or loose like a ninja. Black jackets seem to be a big thing and the motorcross is again a spring staple. Mix it with a super bright white for something a little avant garde.


Duckie Brown

Rick Owens

Yigel Azrouel

White White White
Wear white as if you were wearing black. So if you favour black trousers, a black suit and a black vest, choose the opposite.

Philip Lim

Patrick Ervell

Getting Loose
Tailored pieces are getting a bit of a break for spring. Shoulders are larger, pant legs are getting fatter and jackets are getting less structured. There are still sharp angles but mixed with some draping and a “I’ve just been on a plane” look. I think the key idea is effortless looking but to me, I’m going to be sticking with things that fit. I have a baggy pair of black J. Lindberg cotton structured samurai pants that I might whip out for summer but I do like to feel my clothing hugging my body.

This loose athletic look is three trends in one: unstructured, white and a slight eastern flowiness to the collar. Who knew Bottega Veneta would make a slow comeback, eh?

Costume National


Richard Chai

Worldly Traveler
It seems that many designers are moving away from rugged clothing and inspired by North African aesthetics, Middle Eastern sensibilities and dare I say, the Orient (gag). I’m sick of frayed and distressed American classic and hoity toity date rapist prep too but I’m not sure how worldy you’ll look in a caftan and a male burqa. But hey, at least it’s not another pair of rolled up corduroys.

Rick Owens

Raf Simons

Raf Simons

Simon Spurr

Speaking of travel, where should I go next? Chicago, San Fran, London, Hong Kong or Bangladesh?

Burberry Prosum Fall 2010

Just because it’s freezing today, I thought it would be a good time to laze around my room and peruse the Fall/Winter 2010 Collections.

Burberry has the blues it seems. The colours channel a dreary day in London: dapper but dark. Muted blues, pastels and light knits bring ease to the sharply cut trenches and serious carryalls. There’s a certain ambiguity to the aesthetic message: wearable but rock and roll.

I love the look and feel of this coat. A double lapel is a unique winter detail. A few years ago, I predicted the return of the backpack but in more classic materials such as canvas, supple leathers with heavy hardware. I sense a retail comeback for the utilitarian backpack in Fall 2010.

I’m not pale enough to wear this kind of red. You need a certain kind of contrast to pull this off. The colour definitely reminds me of this one particular Crayola crayon I used a lot as a kid. I particularly enjoy the choice of black buttons on the front. I tried on a cardigan with black buttons similar to this coat and I looked like a walking goji berry. The slim muted trousers are great. Love the canvas bag and the shoes too.

Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with trenches (sadly, I only own 1). Maybe because I used to ogle all the handsome businessmen on Bay Street wearing them on their lunch breaks. My mother was known for making the best spring rolls so in the morning, we’d go downtown to deliver them to various office buildings. I had a great time playing in the lobbies, acting all adorable around the secretaries and checking out the many many many hot office men in suits, walking around with their manly packages and shiny wingtips. I miss being a kid.

This is an odd addition to the collection. The layering and draping is very Lanvin. I feel like it doesn’t belong. He should’ve thrown a trench over this to complete the look. It has a scrotal feel to it. I love balls so I like this.

Easy there, tiger. It’s a fashion show, not an eye exam. Lighten up!

More to come…

CWE’s Picks of Picks

I was perusing an article about top picks from fancy shmancy stores such as Bergdorf’s and Neiman’s. I thought I’d weed through it and share my top picks of the top picks. I would even go as far as saying that a lot of this stuff can be utilized right through the spring months.

I thought these muted linen pocket squares by Paul Smith (I think) are gorgeous. They’re just so subtle. the problem with pocket squares is that most guys, especially finance dudes, choose ones that look more like a magician’s hankerchief than a sartorial accent. These three are perfect for any grey suit. Not blowing my nose on these, I’ll tell you that.

I recently found this kind of shirt at Zellers for about $10 but since I’ve been scolded by many friends to stop buying sweatpants, I put it back. Now that I look at this John Varvatos crewneck sweatshirt, I’m regretting my decision. And I’m not paying $300 for a sweatshirt. I was predicting the comeback of the crewneck last year (perfect under a vintage denim jacket on a nice spring day) so I think I’m gonna make a return trip to Zellers today.

This Jack Spade weekender makes me want to go to New York for a weekend to buy this weekender but then I’d need a weekender to take with me on the weekend to buy this weekender… Booking plane tickets for April 22!

I’ve been noticing more guys on the train wearing Timberland shoes and I’ll have to say, with the right outfit, they look pretty fucking cool. I especially like these basic winter boots in a rounded toe. It actually looks classic.

I predicted the chambray a few years back. And I think it’s going to be the new skinny jean this year. I like this one though. I have a chambray from highschool that I absolutely love and it’s worn to shit. So I think I might get myself a new one that’s rough looking but still dark in colour.

This has always been my dream scarf. I already have a couple of Burberry scarves so it’s not like I absolutely need one. But if I could have one fashion item from the retail genie right now, I’d ask for this. I was at a friend’s wine cellar last weekend and Rob walked in sporting this. His wife told me it was a gift and I said “whoa, she’s a keeper.” And I’m very sad that no one told me that a Burberry store opened up in Toronto. Very sad.

Alright, I can’t afford anything right now so I’m puttin’ on my coat to go to Zellers. Wish me luck.

Let it snow, let it snow!

I guess living in Canada has its advantages and disadvantages. We get beautiful snowfalls and there are certain weeks during the winter in which everything is crisp and quiet at night. Walking out to find a beautiful, not-so-cold Friday night can be a great experience before ending up at a cozy pub for a night out with friends by a fireplace. Nothing like a great pint of Guinness and conversation while the snowflakes twinkle under the streetlights.

But a Toronto winter can also be a huge bitch and without the right thermal stuff or Gore-tex, one is literally left in the cold. Sometimes style is not a priority when your nose is falling off and the weeks drag on. But sometimes a hot outfit can bring some heat on a gloomy 30 below day. That is why I love this collection.

This will be my wardrobe for Winter 2009/2010. Burberry Burberry Burberry.

  • Black and white
  • Two tone coats
  • Monochromatic pairing
  • Sharp Beatles-inspired boots and silhouettes
  • Great chunky scarves
  • Buttoned all-the-way up dress shirts
  • Small rounded collars
  • Gentleman’s caps
  • Sharp tailored pants
  • Tucked in shirts
  • A little fun with logos and tartans

And I don’t even have to buy anything as I realized that I have everything I need. You name it.

Things I won’t be doing though:

  • Fair Isle (yuck)
  • Corduroy
  • Velour jackets
  • Bows
  • Brown coats with a black collar or trim.

I know I already previewed this collection when it came out (as collections for Fall/Winter are shown early in the year) but it’s not until the actual seasons begin that I start getting excited about the clothes. So more winter must-haves to come!

Art of the Trench

I saw this scarf last year and literally drooled over it as I tried it on. My friend was busy looking for a cashmere hat for her boyfriend while I just happily spent 10 minutes in front of the mirror, wondering what groceries I could sacrifice to get this scarf. But I snapped out of it since I have two Burberry scarves already. I think I would wear this whole outfit.

This photo is from a new joint collaboration by Burberry and The Sartorialist called Art of the Trench.

I’ve been checking his blog to see if he will post any photos from his Toronto visit but alas, it seems the only subject so far is Sarah Taylor from Muchmusic:

She looks healthy and sophisticated but I mean… Snoozers. The last time I saw her was at The Social. I was there to see Digitalism but I couldn’t pay attention to the band because she was with the most disgustingly scuzziest Vince Gallo lookalike I’ve ever seen. He had on a very low cut tank top and jeans that hugged his sweaty balls. And at one point, she got soooooo drunk, he basically had her unconscious against a wall, with her wrists in his hands and her eyes rolled back. He was throwing her around and basically making out with a corpse. I’ll have to say it made me kinda nauseous. Then he basically dragged her out of the club like a caveman and she was struggling, screaming and laughing at the same time.

But ya, she looks alright.

I love Burberry.

Update: a friend alerted me that Eugene Levy’s son is on the site too as a “random” shot. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo… I’m booing! It’s like asking Puck to do the next LV ad.

Wow, you look so sexy male models!

Oh hi, male models!

Emporio Armani

Inspired by a second screening of The Room tonight in Toronto (yes, I have spoons and roses ready), let’s take a look at a reoccurring trend for both the Fall 2009 women’s collections and the men’s Spring 2010: red.

Poker chic at Lanvin.

Dsquared has gone fishing.

Yes, the skate is very fresh ma’am…

Bottega Veneta is seeing red for spring… Is this a pomegranate or a lobster? Venetian sunset?

My corneas just melted.

Professor Watanabe’s marker is red at Comme des Garçons.

A beautiful red jizz rag at Adam Kimmel.

The blood of a samurai runs bright at John Galliano.

Red rains on Burberry’s spring collection.

God, I am so fucking excited for tonight!

Burberry Prosum Spring 2009

I’ve been following Christopher Bailey closely since he took over as the Creative Director for Burberry. For some reason, I get obsessed with the minutiae of his interviews and I often go to Holt’s to fondle Burberry’s new arrivals even though I can’t afford anything at regular price.

What a breath of fresh air his Spring/Summer 2009 Collection is…

Bailey is clearly in tune with youth culture. Not only does he capture the young dandy hipster in the campaign, he really doesn’t sacrifice any of the very British sensibilities of the Burberry brand that makes customers (such as yours truly) swoon while flipping through V Man.
There’s an interesting mix of styles here. This is almost South Beach meets Mayfair.

The colour palette is exquisite and I especially like the purposely disheveled textures of all the pieces. That trench on the right looks AMAZING on that little stud.

Despite the softness, the cuts are still sleek and the silhouette isn’t dowdy. He somehow manages to create light, drapey clothing but keep Burberry’s penchant for sharp lines, graphic prints and classic cuts. There is no droopiness here. He ever throws in the signature tartan here and there for some kitsch factor.

That’s a great suit in the middle. And the coat on the right is to die for.

I wanna have Bailey’s babies.
I’m telling ya: Asians love the Burberry!

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