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Making Ssense

Every once in a while, I like to check out Ssense’s sale section and drool over the “I-still-can’t-afford-this-shit-cuz-a-new-deck-is-more-important-than-a-sweater” pieces. Here are a few recent picks that I yearn for:

Cheap Monday suede baseball bomber. It’s only around $60 but of course, small sizes are sold out.

A beautiful violet Helmut Lang motorcross jacket.

Lots o’ pockets dad-crop coat #1.

Lots o’ pockets dad-crop coat #2.

Beatles-esque Surface To Air black lace-up boots.

A beautifully sculpted belt.

A fun Alexander McQueen speckled cardigan.

And what I REALLY want: a leather McQueen duffel weekender with the skull motif (to match the McQueen jeans I bought in Europe).


I guess to buy any of this stuff from Ssense, I’d have to make some ccents soon.


Blood on your hands!



Met Life

God, I’ve been so out of it. My house is covered in a layer of sawdust, plaster and drywall dust. My clothes smell like grout. I have been eating microwaved food for almost a month. Naturally, I’m going to post about the 2011 Met Gala in New York. I used to dream about attending this but now it’s just a pile of celebrity bullshit. No style, no glamour… Just a bunch of twigs in sequined rags picked by their stylists.

Strange that they would allow the Met’s custodial staff to walk on the red carpet.

Although I think it’s great to see Asians representing, she is wearing the feather duster my mom used to beat me with when I got an A-.

I feel like she looks like one of those kitchen sink sponge holders that are shaped like frogs.

Has Claire Danes become the new Rita Wilson?

I just fell asleep looking at this photo. How are people this beautiful so fucking boring?

Do you think she’s hiding a pot of her stew in that dress?

Wow, Precious is looking pretty good.

I know I made fun of my girl at the Oscars but I’ll have to say that she looks pretty fucking cool. The star-spangled Stella McCartney number not only flatters her figure but brings back that old Hollywood glamour. I really have nothing negative thing to say about it but I’m also a huge faggot for M.

Fuck, after all these years, Linda Blair is still riding that Exorcist coattail.

I like that Salma actually wore McQueen to the McQueen tribute. I would typically have a racist Hispanic joke or some offensive comment about her smelling like a burnt gordita but after her being AMAZING on 30 Rock, I have come to love Salma Hayek. She makes me cocoa for coocoo poofs!

I mean, did Chris Brown hit her in the head again before she got dressed?

And once again because I love this so much, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

All photos were stolen from some shitty supermarket checkout aisle ass rag.

Common Ssense

Online shopping continues while I’m funemployed. Great deals and looks from Ssense, a Canadian website where you’ll find Shades of Grey, A.P.C. and Alexander Wang. But of course, I’ll post the shit that makes me laugh. Like this shit:

This looks like the mold stuck to the bottom of my computer mouse (seriously, check under there). Pubes for a collar!

I kinda wanna get this. If I win the lottery, I’ll donate some money to Amnesty International and get this $5000 Alexander McQueen sweater.

I saw the Comme Des Garcons high-top Cons at Odin but I didn’t know there are Jack Purcell versions. WANT WANT WANT. My birthday is coming up. Size 8.5! Heehee.

Check out the sale here.

Beyond the grave…

Even though he has passed, the creative genius of Alexander McQueen still lives on through this unique rug. $19, 000 USD.

Christmas is coming, ya know…

McQueen’s last collection: Fall 2010

See a few looks here.

His collection, one of the most anticipated of the fall 2010 season, was shown Tuesday to small groups of viewers in Paris. One gathering of nine people, including Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, watched in reverential silence but for one woman who wept copiously.
Here is an article on McQueen’s last collection, shown this past Tuesday.

His last tweet: “Hells Angels + Prolific Demons……”

Enfant Terrible

To my hero and one of the reasons why I lived and breathed design as a stupid pretentious kid…

Alexander McQueen. So many VHS tapes devoted to your interviews and tapes. So many magazines I’ve collected of your collections and musings. So many designers that don’t even come close to the work that you’ve brought to this world.

You always brought fashion to a new level. You always transcended fashion. You were a craftsman but a spokesperson. A creative force but a fine tailor. A badboy but misunderstood. A true artistic genius.

A great designer has fallen today.

Silence is golden

Alexander McQueen – Fall 2009

Well, I’m glad I did check out McQueen’s men’s collection after seeing the women’s couture collection.
Sexy Jack the Ripper chic?

I just watched the entire first season of True Blood (go Alan Ball go!) in two days so maybe I’m biased.

Great for an art opening at 9 and decapitating some whores at midnight:

These are two incredible coats:

I’m getting these boots:

And I found a vintage version of this coat in another closet. My grandfather had it made at Eaton’s but never wore it.

What a great print!

So much better than that stupid Fair Isle print that was all over the place two winters in a row:

I don’t know what to say:

He uses the same lobster red as the women’s collection:

This guy got a blowjob backstage but realized after he was late for his walk:

After a few underwhelming collections (I tried on the worst $2000 pants that basically fell apart while still on me in the fitting room), I’m glad to see that he’s usurping a lot of the Fall 2009 trends and just doing his own thing again. These clothes are decadent, simple, luxurious, classic and crazy hot.

Still got it, McQueen!

Alexander McQueen – Fall 2009 Women’s Couture

I’m a very difficult person to titillate when it comes to fashion so I was pleased to see that Alexander McQueen is still successfully pushing the envelope after all these years. While looking at these images from the New York Times, I was immediately filled with this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Probably because I was a little uneasy with the grotesqueness of these pieces but realized I was mostly turned on.

McQueen has always had an incredible eye for proportion and his earlier collections were often written off as fashion circus spectacles by the mainstream media but he has remained a beloved icon for fashionistas. When he was hired by Givenchy, he really set the bar. When he puts on a show, he puts on a motherfuckin’ show!

His Fall 2009 couture collection is an exceptional example of his eye for detail, his willingness to take risks and his ability to express his sensibilities visually in a collection of clothes. But in a way, this particular collection transcends the runway and speaks to the consumer in a way that’s controversial but also incredibly functional.

Part installation, part Recycle Chic, McQueen collection is shocking but surprisingly sophisticated. The silhouettes are incredible. The colour palette is gothic but still optimistic. I love that he not only uses a warmer lobster red but juxtoposes it with a few colder, bleaker crimsons and futuristic blacks.

Yes, the gowns are out there but the cuts are amazingly sharp and the knits are beautifully intricate. Without the lipstick schtick and the albino makeup, you have some very wearable and chic separates.

Philip Treacy’s hats are ridiculous but also a treat to see.

I find the whole thing incredibly inspiring even as a male. I didn’t post any of the enlarged houndstooth pieces because I’m not a big fan but something tells me it will grow on me soon.

Good to see the bad boy of fashion still has some vampire blood in his veins.
I’m going to check out the men’s collection right now…

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