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Yet another attention whoring platform

Uh oh, I’m on Instagram now. @chineseworkethic












Dear Duckie

Please send me these shoes. Size 8 or 9. Thanks.

Popped by Odin to pick up some Sharps.
First off, what a WONDERFULLY friendly and positive group of the coolest salespeople. They were helpful, welcoming and not that kind of snooty fashion world gay guy that I can’t stand: you work at ______________ Boutique/Shoppe, get over yourself. But the boys at Odin are fantastic and everyone should stop in to pick something up for yourself or your male friends. I regret not getting these amazing redux shoes by Duckie Brown for Florsheim.

Edit: So funny. I’m online chatting with a CSR agent from Florsheim. The future!


Sitting in a suite in Times Square, watching a documentary featuring Fran Leibowitz before heading out to the West Village.

It doesn’t get more cliche New York than this.

Cafe Havana

A cold New York calls for a hot bowl of tomato soup with fresh garnishes and pulled pork on Sullivan. This hit the spot. Thanks Max for the recommendation.

Park Life

Wow, Central Park West is more dangerous than the last time I was here.

The view

The view from our suite at the Times Square Westin: Jack Black’s balls.

Oh hi Marc

Why look who I found dressed like a giant polar bear in his own store window: Marc Jacobs himself!

mets suck

Winter in Gotham

Reiss Queen

What a nice little wool bag from Reiss. It’s just big enough to hold all my own baggage.

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