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Why are lyric videos sometimes better than the real ones?

Whoo. Even the back of Justin Timberlake’s neck is boner-rific.
I can’t stand Jay-Z but nice shout out to Alexander Wang.

JT, still classing it up without resorting to cheeseball pop shit. Styled perfectly. The white socks are incredible. That’s gonna throw a few menswear collections into a frenzy next year. Great textures. Beautiful subtleties in the accessories. Stylish without feeling too empty. I’m impressed, JT. Now take off your clothes.


Justin Timberlake is gay

One can only dream…

Justin Timberklake is gay

This is what I have to do too when I drive home afterwards.
Can’t get your poo finger on the steering wheel.

Justin Timberlake is gay

Here here!

Justin Timberlake is gay for Madonna

Ya, his speech was all sexually-charged and blah blah blah.

But the only reason why he’s so proud to present Madonna with the award is because he’s a big fag. And anyone who loves Madonna (yes, ANYONE) is a dick smoocher.

Also, how fucking smarmy can he be? Just shut the fuck up and take off your clothes, Justin. Seriously.

Justin Timberlake is gay

And then some…

Eh mon, Justin Timberlake is gay

Hands up! Baby, hands up! Give me your butt gimme gimme your butt gimme gimme…

Justin Timberlake is gay

If I could only be that hand…

Justin Timberlake is gay. And if we keep saying it, he will be.

Justin Timberlake is gay

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

Justin Timberlake is gay

The evidence is mounting.

Hehe… “Mounting…”

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