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I Love Bill Cunningham

Love you, Bill! You really are still a significant voice in fashion. In my eyes, you’re really the only street photographer that actually has something to say these days. Thank god you don’t just hang around fashion week venues. You’re amazing and totally inspiring. More great videos here.

And do check out the beautiful documentary on his life, his process and his work.


The best blog on the internet. Hands down.
Go to Exxxpert Cosmo Tips for all your sexual needs.

“cosmo tip #192
try farting in ziplock bags and hiding them around the house as a sexy surprise for your man. if he can recognise your scent you know he is the one!!!”

My Idol

George doing his happy dance while a disapproving Brad shakes his head.
Next to Howard Stern, George Takei is second in line. How perfect that George is a guest host on the Stern Show 4 magical weeks out of the year. I love you, George!


The first of its kind. San Francisco Police Department releases an It Gets Better video. I like this one a lot. Less preachy, more poignant in some sense. And what beautiful individuals!

My blog is about style but there are so many things in life that are so beyond style. GO SFPD!

“Stop putting up with people’s crap!”

The Original Diva

The only celebrity diva I can stand.

Just a Reminder

My Hero

The most stylish thing in the world is standing up for those you love.

Giant(s) Vagina

Fucking so hot. I can’t even deal.


Move over Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, James Van Der Beek’s lookin’ pretty stylish lately. (My) Old Faithful is making an incredibly cute comeback! Who knew this B-list actor would slowly become a fashion icon? I think it’s so sexy how he doesn’t take himself so seriously. And he’s got a great butt.


Bill Fucking Murray

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