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Still broke but a guy can still look…

I haven’t purchased anything in a long time. I just can’t afford it and frankly, I have every piece that I’ve ever wanted except for maybe desert boots and a brown belt.

But I still do a little browsing here and there. Recently, I saw this Ben Sherman shirt and just started to drool. I really really really want this shirt for fall. I love the print, I love the colour. It would look great buttoned up with a grey cardigan or under a black trench. I think I’m going into a navy or dark blue phase for fall. I’ve always loved polka dots (my mother used to wear really great silk blue and white polka dot blouses with a string of pearls) but this is a great alternative for a boring, conservative Fashionister such as myself.

But for some reason, I always gravitate towards colour in the end.



Does this mean I’m fired?

I finally got my camera back from Nikon today (as it was damaged in a street brawl – long story) and I decided to look at some of the street style photos I’ve taken for BlogTO in the last few months. I wanted to see what kind of themes I could develop (their suggestion) and start looking for additional subjects this week.

BlogTO wanted something more theme-y and didn’t really like my random pickings. I didn’t even get to show them the 20 other people I shot before being told to alter my concepts. I tried and attended a few fashion events too and shot some people but either Toronto is completely style-less (Steevee will tell you that in a heartbeat) or I just suck at fashion spotting (according to BlogTO hehe).

Well, thinking about it is no longer necessary as it seems that the website that liked my idea of doing a personal street style column has taken it upon themselves to do it on their own using someone else. So I guess I can forget about resubmitting and just do my own? S’ok cuz I stole the idea from The Sartorialist anyway and he probably stole it from those Japanese fashion magazines that I used to read in high school at Pages (RIP). Or Vice.

Anyway, check out the new street style column from BlogTo

Should I be mad about this? Nah. I just wanted something creative to do while I was off. I just noticed that the comments aren’t all that positive anyway. Of course, I wouldn’t have chosen any of those people (except for the Asian guy and the girl with the bike). I also would’ve liked to have had a conversation with them about style, fashion, superficiality, materialism, blah blah blah. Dammit, I have so many great little conversations with the people that I shot.

I wonder if I was going to get this kind of a beating as well had they accepted my intended first post:

Toronto style can be difficult to define. I’ve been trying to define it all my life. One of my favourite past-times has always been people-watching. Sitting on a rooftop patio, riding the TTC or having a meal at House on Parliament, my eyes are constantly darting from one person to the next. When I was 4 years old, my mother used to take me down to Queen and King Street to “look at the punks.” I used to be obsessed with their skinny jeans, spiky leather jackets and the sounds that their chains made when they walked by me. Even as a toddler, I had a passion for fashion. I was the original Sartorialist!

Toronto is a place where cultures and styles collide. We are sufferers of an identity crisis. Are we an arts town? Are we a film town (or is that Vancouver)? Are we a sports town (Go Leafs go!)? Or are we the center of Canadian business? The one great thing about Toronto is that we’re all of those things and more. We can walk down any street and see a teenager wearing the most amazing phat pants circa 1996, sucking on a lollipop without a care in the world. Or a sophisticated businesswoman carrying a beautiful leather attaché down York Street. Or a child doing somersaults in Withrow Park wearing a colourful and crisp, freshly ironed plaid shirt.

Maybe one of Toronto’s strengths is that we don’t have one kind of style (or any style according to friends from Montreal, Paris and New York). Maybe diversity is our best trait.

Style isn’t about wearing the latest trend or the most expensive suit. It’s about reinterpreting your personality for all to see. It’s all about the details as well as the full package. It’s all about showing a little edge when you’re forced to dress a certain way for specific events, our daily jobs and significant milestones. It’s about walking the walk.

As George Michael once said in one of my favourite songs Freedom 90, “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man!”
But sometimes the (wo)man can make the clothes work.

Now let’s take a look at my very first street style entry for BlogTO…
Kat Marcus, Harbord and Ossington at 4:17 PM

I ran into this hairstylist extraordinaire and Colonel of Glamour in front of her salon. Looking effortless and street smart at the same time, Kat rocks a pair of pink jeans and a comfy t-shirt. She’s the punk rock Jennifer Beals.

K: I have a shopping secret. Chez Thrift in Bolton. It’s worth the drive. My purse [not pictured] was $6.
S: I love the shoes.
K: Prairie de Paris. I got them on sale for $300.
S: Is that a moustache necklace?
K: Yeah. It’s by Digby & Iona. It’s patterned after Inspector Clousseau from Pink Panther.
S: Where do you shop in Toronto?
K: Urban Planet at Gerrard Square. *laughs* So what are you gonna write?
S: I don’t know yet.
K: Just don’t call me a ‘hipster douchebag.’ Even though I am one.


Fuck it, maybe I’ll just start my own

I Spy – College & Spadina @ 2:17 AM

I already hate riding public transit after last call with all the drunkards but this ride was exceptionally brutal. The white guy is wearing a blue rasta toque (but he doesn’t have dreads *groan*) and his stinky Polish footsies are adorning pink socks tipped in red paint. His feet look like two bloody camel-toed vaginas.

But I was mainly cranky because I had to spend 28 minutes of my ride home looking at this guy in front of me dressed up as a giant penis.

I Spy – Dundas Square Food Court @ 6:58 PM

I guess it’s nice of this jock to give his buddy something interesting to read when he gets fucked in the ass later on in the evening.

I Spy – Bloor Viaduct @ 6:02 PM


Not just to be measured by his home or his car.

In between meetings

I was feeling super anxious and really depressed despite it being 19 degrees out and sunny. I had to run a few errands and had two appointments with 2 hours in between. Total hell. I quickly ran into as many stores as possible where I didn’t have to face anyone. Just the clothes.

Multi-colour cardigan. Yea or nay?

God, even shopping didn’t get me out of the funk.

Maybe I should leave the multi-colour sweater at be and get some multi-colour pills.

I Spy – Holt Renfrew Last Call Excursion

A little shopping on a beautiful day…
Val and I drove up to the Holt’s Last Call store where she looked at horrible sun hats for her cruise and I molested leather jackets and $1999 pants.
The only item I ended up buying was a pair of skinny Modern Amusement chinos (due to being funemployed at the moment) but I had fun trying on a few things…

Look at this ugly Burberry shirt. It was well made but I mostly tried it on as a joke.

Okay, that’s a lie. I kinda liked it. Look how nice it looks with my $4 ribbed henley.

I thought this Helmut Lang shirt had some interesting details but how many white shirts with interesting details do I really need?

It’s kinda sad to see that even Helmut Lang gets my relatives to make his clothing.

I really wanted these. They were crazy baggy and just super chic.

I miss Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane. But Kris has got the goods. I just want to see him develop more as a designer because frankly, his shows are a bit of a snoozefest. Regardless, I really wanted to get these.

They reminded me of something Uncle Jesse would wear with white Reeboks.

Which is a good thing in my brain but a bad thing out in public.

I tried on another Burberry shirt. It fit perfectly and probably would’ve worked really well with the Kris Van Assche trousers but again, how many interesting white shirts can one man own?

I reluctantly put this back because if I really wanted a shirt like this, I can get a mall knock-off for 1/28th of the price. A little pirate-y I guess. Burbaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrry.

But my favourite piece was this amazing $799 (sale price) Band of Outsiders trench.

Very flasher chic.

Also found the best desert boots for $45 at this new outlet store that sold Prada, Moschino and Kenneth Cole shoes.
But goddamnit, they had every size except mine.

Sometimes I wonder if Holt’s Last Call is just playing with their customers by putting out used lip balm, shower gels and clothing that is so shredded that it looks like a family of raccoons had burrowed in the bin. Sometimes it’s really depressing to see a $3000 jacket be placed in a huge rack of last season’s 46 waist Elie Tahari dress pants.

Holt’s Last Call is a really sad place now that I think of it. It takes all the glitz and glamour out of shopping for designer goods and turns it into a dung pile of damaged and rejected goods. People throwing clothes around and complaining about the prices as I drool over all the tie table with sale ties that I still can’t afford.

I think the most glamourous thing I saw at Holt’s that day was Arsinée Khanjian (Atom Egoyan’s wife) ordering a shoe boy around.

That, in itself, is pretty sad.

Images Festival Opening Gala

I was recently invited to the opening gala at the Isabel Bader Theatre. I was nervous arriving as a friend of mine has forwarded my resume to the board so I wasn’t sure how to act. The whole networking thing is actually a part of my current position but because I’m off work for a few months, it was a daunting thought.
But two glasses of merlot later, I was schmoozing. Maybe a little bit of over-schmoozing?

It’s always great to see your former peers. I saw a professor that changed my life (and my writing), a former stalker, many of my art school colleagues and the familiar faces of my fellow art world schmoozers.

We eventually sat down for a screening of 5 original Canadian short “films” while Continuum Contemporary Music played a live piece for each short.
I’m a big fan of orchestral music, chamber ensembles and film scores so this was both a treat and a bit alienating. Personally, I didn’t like the idea that we had to be subjected to the work but instead, it would’ve worked much nicer as installations for a viewer to explore independently. When I sit down for a movie or screening, I expect to be thoroughly entertained. This was very esoteric. Don’t get me wrong, I got it. I can pick out the references and probably write a paper on the works but it was challenging for me to enjoy as a consumer.
Nonetheless, I was on the granting committee that helped fund Continuum’s new album Sea Change so it was great to finally see them live.

Adam and I enjoying the performance…

The pieces were definitely… interesting. Anyone who fancies something a little more experimental should head out to Images. It might open up your sinuses or give you a seizure. But you also might end up learning something about the quest for truth or the exploration of one’s identity, all through time-based media and installation. Possibilities are abundant! Concepts are aplenty!

Aside from the show, I was actually there to survey the fashion!

Sara Chan, who is on the board for the Images Festival and a good friend, was nice enough to lead me around and introduce me to some board members.
She had on one of my favourite colours this season for the home and for the body: a bold zesty yellow. Some might even call it “chartreuse” (Adam)…. *cough*

Kelly had on this amazingly crisp khaki trench. Very Caroline Bessette.

I just realized that I have been scouring the city for an affordable denim or oxford shirt (it has to look beat up enough) but I found this shirt for Adam at H&M in less than 5 minutes… Hey… Give me my shirt back!

Tori Allen, Co-chair of the festival wearing one of my favourite colours this season: a strong lobster red. Banana Republic’s doing it, Alexander McQueen’s doing it
After I complimented her, I looked down to see that, yup, she paired it with a sophisticated grey. That’s the way to do it!

Check out these S&M bootays Erin was wearing.

I also ran into a former professor of mine, Philip Monk.
Philip is a well-respected Curator (The Power Plant), Writer (C Magazine) and the current Director/Curator for the Art Gallery of York University.

I ran into him in the washroom and complimented him on his electric yellow tie. Very Hedi Slimane Dior Homme, Etro or Jil Sander 2005. But he corrected me immediately, “it’s from Le Crapeau.” Also known as the Montreal retailer Le Chateau. God, I love him.

But the “Most Art School Style Award” goes to this lady’s Gustav Klimt Pumas.


The Images Festival runs till April 11 at various venues around Toronto.

I Spy – Bloor and Avenue Road

I’m not a big fan of big jewelry on white guys but I really love giant cats being hung by a sling.

So this is a good compromise.

I Spy – Carlton Car, 6:23 PM

This guy looked like a young Bob Dylan.

He had a very unstyled, very natural pompadour do. I immediately noticed his amazing jacket and anxiously waited for him to get up so I could see his whole outfit.

Unpretentious jeans, dirty backpack, brown leather laceups and the most amazing vintage belt.

Great ass too.

He was chillin’ like Bob Dylan.

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