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Horny Music

Not fashion-related at all but I think this Enandis station is so hot.
I wonder if it works with just a shitty iPod as I don’t have an iPhone and probably never will. I hate all that sliding and screen touching. But the design of this “passive speaker” is awesome.


A New Project

I’m sketching out a budget yet contemporary design for my porch reno. The simpler the better. I’m using reclaimed cedar from a family friend for the floor but I’m unsure about the colour scheme. I was thinking of painting the floor and bricks a carbon/charcoal grey and have the railing a teak slat style fence. Found some art deco numbers too. Liz suggested red. Thoughts?

Also, whatever happened to Michelle Branch?

My New Bitchin’ Kitchen

Yes, I designed a kitchen by myself. No, I did not build it myself. Yes, I am very happy. I had a dump before. Now I have a great workspace and I actually like hanging out in my kitchen now. This is still a work in process as I want to add a bunch of art but so far, so good.









Grey Walnut Thermofoil cabinets with maple interiors by Kitchen Craft. So happy about the silent closure mechanism. I can’t slam my cupboards and drawers anymore.

Modern handles and pulls by Richelieu.
White quartz countertop by Caesarstone.

Low radius deep soundproof sink by Ticor.
Faucet by Blanco.
Regal 13×13 unpolished floor tile.
Arctic white convex straight-stacked subway tile backsplash.

Black glass and distressed steel microwave console by Roomy Interiors.

Convection smoothtop range by Fridgidaire Gallery.
Modern hood by European Hoods.
Bought some new yellow cookware and a new Calphalon Dutch oven.

Snagged a great birch custom desk by someone who was moving to Vancouver and was getting rid of everything he made. I’m using it as my kitchen table. And bought me some molded plastic chairs from BLVD Interiors.

Found my grandmother’s iron tray from China. It’s super heavy. Got the vintage yellow dish from a church sale and a recycled glass pitcher from West Elm. I drink a lot of tomato juice.

Laptop + tea + sun.

I am very happy.

Cute Gift

My mom came over on Thursday and brought me a little present: a lovely Hudson Bay blanket in the blue stripe. It looks great with all the mid-century stuff and the masculine feel of my living area. Thanks Mom!

Aaaaaaah Shaddup!

Great chair

I hate these kinds of chairs. They’re uncomfortable, trashy and clunky. I hate sitting in them in shitty unironic bars (yes, I go to a lot of shitty scuzzy bars), I hate sitting in them at my uncle’s house (because he used to work at a shitty bar) and I hate that the Drake Hotel’s restaurant (not a shitty bar) used to have these in their main dining area. Don’t charge me $49 for a surf ‘n’ turf and make me sit in one of these. It’s just such a shitty shitty shitty chair.

But I do like this one.


I really just thought this was super cute. That’s all I got.

I know it’s over/Still I cling…

Again, my birthday is coming up soooo…*

*Basically any time I tell you to buy something or suggest a new product, just donate the money to charity. Think of this as “Windows shopping.” Get it? Whon whon.

Tom Ford Affords

Yup, that was Tom Ford’s (former?) home.

Me Rikey

Thought this would be a beautiful framed poster in my home. Working on it. Yup.

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