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It’s midnight and I’m bored. This is what I do when I’m bored.
Beemster, vegetable ash semi-soft, St. Agur, a Canadian stilton, smoked peppercorn salami and proscuitto salami.

Did I mention I was naked?



My once a year sushi. I don’t really eat Japanese food that much unless there are platters of it at an art opening or that Korean place gives it to us for free because we order 10, 000 beers. Sometimes I go to Guu but I never really enjoy the food as much as a hearty bowl of pho.

But that’s a pretty bento box, eh? I highly recommend Guirei, the only sushi place that doesn’t kinda gross me out.


Cafe Havana

A cold New York calls for a hot bowl of tomato soup with fresh garnishes and pulled pork on Sullivan. This hit the spot. Thanks Max for the recommendation.

Midnight Mojitos

Had a lovely fish taco and butter rice dish at Cafe Habana. Highly recommended place to eat in NYC. Followed by a giant boozy mojito. Ah, this is the life: being served by pretty white people in a latin restaurant.

An apertif?

Mayo and ketchup on cabbage. Where do these gooks come up with this shit?

Mouth watering

Who serves popcorn for an appetizer? Oh right, crazy Asians. Crasians.

On the half shell

I can’t believe I ate this and drank three straight up martinis for dinner. I’m either sophisticated or anorexic.

Crush Winebar

Got your nose.

Peanut Butter Jelly and a Baseball Bat

On a related note, I am making pickles tonight.

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