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Yet another attention whoring platform

Uh oh, I’m on Instagram now. @chineseworkethic











Madonna x Steven Klein (Again)

Madonna released a secret project trailer. Okay then.

Beard on Beard



NO. Really odd photography. Why are they all posed so awkwardly? Why so many hand-on-chin 80’s model poses? Why are there two references to the Chicaco Cubs? Why is there so much makeup? Who styled the clothing? Being a gay artist myself, I have so many questions but don’t really care about the answers I guess.

My friend just messaged me: “Why are the ginger’s nails crusted with shit? You couldn’t have taken 2 minutes to wash your hands?”

Fred Perry x Dover Street

To celebrate 60 years of oversized polo shirts (or I’m just too thin for this shit), Fred Perry asked 60 shitheads from fashion, art and music to customize the classic Laurel Wreath logo polo for a traveling installation that’s gonna hit London and Beijing in the near future. They’re gonna be auctioned off to benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation which presumably funds programs to get susceptible youth hooked on drugs. Personally, I think some of these are pretty crappy eh?

Wtf Damon Albarn? Could you leave your African choir practice for just a bloody 15 minutes and make an effort?

This one is really cool. You can’t wear it as a fascinator, put it on your mantle or give it to your corgie to chew on.

A little representation from our favourite queer pop culture Canadiana smartass, Douglas Coupland. I actually like his design a lot. C’est tres Coups, bro.

Duffy’s is my favourite. I would wear this in a second if they FUCKING CAME IN MY SIZE.

And an embarrassing entry from our very own Harry Rosen. Looks like Harry and Damon Albarn called each other to Skype about their designs.

Horace Panter, you clever fuck.

Raf Simons, of course. No surprise he chose his usual vigilante activist chic as the design. Punk rockers will be lining up everywhere at Fred Perry stores to bid on this one.

You can view most the collection here.

Congrats Fred Perry!




Vogues Hommes Japan Spring Preview 2013

I have a nip-on for these. Whon whon.






More here.

Park & Ronen

Some more fun photos of the Park and Ronen show from Kevin Tachman.

My only question is what’s with these clothes?
More here.

Lead of State

No joke: someone saw a photo my friend had of me and thought it was a photo of Obama. Haha.

Interview Magazine’s Clever Undie Spread

Well, you have to hand it to Interview Magazine. After all these years, they’re still kickin’. Here’s a clever way of selling underwear: a Grindr parody using fashion’s top male models:

I have several of those Hugo Boss ones in a boy short.

25 more boys here.

I doubt the folks at Grindr are gonna have a problem with this spread as it just brings them some more buzz. This is such a tease. Damn Blackberry doesn’t have Grindr on it. Oh well. I’ll have to pick up the old fashion way (which is what these days?).

Lemon Cupcake

Simply beautiful. This guy is so talented and I want everything but not sure what my father will think about some of these on my walls.

More here. Might be NSFW.

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