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Doggy Bag

Just big enough for an Irish Settler.

Gareth Thomas is Gross But Hot

It’s too bad Mickey Rourke is gonna play Gareth Thomas in a biopic instead of Tom Hardy. Who wants to see Mickey Rourke with another guy? Ugh. Really really too bad. But it’s nice to see a professional footballer coming out and defying stereotypes. He’s pretty gross but I’d still hit it.

And in honour of Gareth Thomas coming out of the closet, Christian Louboutin has also created a special super faggy shoe to mark the occasion. You can even sorta see a reflection of the trademark red soles. I quite like how smooth they are. The cum splatters from the baths will wipe right off when he gets home.

£1,952 GBP ($3,142 USD) Shoes

The guy who invented the Clark’s Desert Boot passed away not that long ago I think. Good thing he isn’t alive to see these monstrosities called “The Crown Jewels.” Created to pay tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and priced at £1,952 GBP ($3,142 USD) to reference the Queen’s 1952 coronation, they are a limited edition and apparently coveted luxury item so better go get a pair before Elton John buys them all.

I Glove You

It’s actually not that cold out to be honest. We are luckily having a mild winter but that doesn’t stop me from bringing out the winter gloves. Whenever I wear winter gloves, not only do I feel germ-free on the train but there’s something about wearing leather that makes me feel more confident. These are grey calf leather gloves from the 50’s that I got at a really beautiful (and crammed) vintage store a few blocks away from my home. I’m really in love with them.

Next up, I’ll post some pics of a pair of bright yellow leather gloves that my father bought in the 70’sfor my grandfather but are brand new and unworn (my grandfather didn’t like wearing anything others bought him and now I realize where I got that from). I recently found them in one of my dressers and they’re also beautiful.

Anyway, I will be donating the rest of my gloves (many new ones that I get for free from companies and at fashion things) and lots of my clothing collection to some organization that assists families in need of winter clothing. Any recommendations, please message me.

Brian Wilson Is Cooler

Than you are.
Way cooler.

Full Flask

I think about of my friends sent me this photo last week. Either they remembered my Full House obsession or they think I don’t drink enough.

Regardless, I want to drink whiskey while watching my new Season 7 DVD.

Going to the cottage…

So I leave you with this to think about:

Pizza Beret

Pretty self-explanatory.

Just Shoot Me…

I actually think this Rick Owens scarf is very beautiful but I think this piece of fabric is $3000 or something.

So hey Rick Owens’ people: feel free to send me this if you have an extra one lying around.

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