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Month: January, 2013


Why are lyric videos sometimes better than the real ones?

Whoo. Even the back of Justin Timberlake’s neck is boner-rific.
I can’t stand Jay-Z but nice shout out to Alexander Wang.

JT, still classing it up without resorting to cheeseball pop shit. Styled perfectly. The white socks are incredible. That’s gonna throw a few menswear collections into a frenzy next year. Great textures. Beautiful subtleties in the accessories. Stylish without feeling too empty. I’m impressed, JT. Now take off your clothes.

Beard on Beard



NO. Really odd photography. Why are they all posed so awkwardly? Why so many hand-on-chin 80’s model poses? Why are there two references to the Chicaco Cubs? Why is there so much makeup? Who styled the clothing? Being a gay artist myself, I have so many questions but don’t really care about the answers I guess.

My friend just messaged me: “Why are the ginger’s nails crusted with shit? You couldn’t have taken 2 minutes to wash your hands?”

Menswear Trends – Spring 2013 – #2

Menswear London Spring summer 2013_MAN____june 2012
Oh, I’m not done yet. I’ve had a request for “trends that normal people can wear” but who wants to be normal these days? The best advice I can give is if you want to experiment with looking on point and actually work in the real world, take a trend and add it slowly to your existing wardrobe.

I would never recommend wearing any designer looks from head to toe, making you look like a fashion slave at the office (or wherever you work). But on your off days, why not go a little nuts? Try a plaid jacket or a pair of pants in a colour that’s outside of your comfort zone but makes your ass look delicious. It can be as easy as changing the colour of your tie bar (matte pastel tie bars are a thing now) or wearing a sportier colourful belt (see Athleticism below). I’m actually a pretty boring dresser myself but every once in a while, I have some fun (I’m wearing a ridiculously gay colour block jersey shirt right now). With this blog, I try to toe the line between street (see denim for layering), every day and fashion world sensibilities (see Astrid Andersen’s use of lace – a material seen throughout the Spring/Summer 2013 collections). Whatever the trend, a piece of clothing is still just a piece of clothing. What’s inside is what counts the most.

Haha! No, I’m kidding. That is so wrong. People will always judge you on your clothing choices. You can’t win. At a fashion event, you’ll get mocked. At the office, your coworkers will think you’re gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it). Your mom will wonder what went wrong. Your hippie friends will think you’re a label whore and superficial. There’s no winning. Just accept it. Everyone is a judgmental fuck. Clothes say a lot about you. Try not to look like a passé dud, dummy. Anyway. here are some more trends to keep you looking like a fashion victim for 2013…

The biggest thing in fashion right now and soon to hit the streets. We had preppy Hamptons turn into dockside collegiate fuckhead ivy leaguers morph into city lumberjacks. Take the forest and old money out of that, add Eurotrash and urban basketball, shake with some tailoring and jizz bright colours all over it. Blame Moncler, Michael Bastian and Thom Browne for 2013’s obsession with athletic gear. You’ll see luxe versions of baseball jerseys, shorts, rugby shirts and lifeguarding tanks. Lots of athletic stripes all over everything, sporty polos, cricket sweaters, a tailored bagginess (omg, shoot me right now for saying that), colour colour colour and white white white.

Moncler polos will replace Ralph Lauren polos. I predict Moncler jackets will be the next Canada Goose jackets when winter hits again in 2013.

Moncler’s ski bunny.

Thom Browne’s Spring Collection is INSANITY. It deserves its own post (coming soon).

From Michael Bastian’s resort collection for Gant. I was at Gotstyle the other day and the sales rep pointed to the resort collections. I said thanks but thought “when the fuck am I ever going to wear resort shit?” Then I bought 2 pairs of shorts.

Astrid Andersen, a very hot name in fashion, is making waves with this putrid atheltic gay homo community centre shit. Okay, so I kinda like it.

Gant by Michael Bastian, Ready to Wear, Spring Summer, 2013, New York
Gant by Michael Bastian. Skinny guy clothes made for fat guys. XXXL seems to always be available at the Gant store. KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC, MICHAEL. Come on.

I’m sure they rather be somewhere else.

A Vivienne Westwood polo that probably costs $800.

Rugby crewneck sweater - RED STRIPE
And I’ll throw the normal people a bone: this is what I would consider an every day inexpensive version of the athletic trend. Cotton sweater by the Gap.

Not olive. Not bright. Not mint. Not forest. But muted barfy icy greens that look like the colour of day ol’ boogers.


I would even say that his houndstooth glen plaid is more classic than on trend. But he still manages to make it seem super current by wearing it in jacket form instead of a tie. But glen plaid will be a staple for pants in 2013.

Blazer - Plaid - Gray (GQ)
Oh, there’s Milan again.

Speaking of glen plaid, plaid jackets of all colours, grids, tartans and materials will be the next popped collar. A few seasons ago, big designers were churning them out and then some mass market retailers caught on but the public were still too obsessed with American classic. But old kooky grandpa chic with a modern twist (think tweed in a slimmer cut paired with white jeans) will be all the rage when the snow stops falling.

Blazer - Plaid (GQ)



Something is happening in fashion circles where men are layering like crazy. Like jackets in jackets in vests in a sweater. It’s kinda nuts but hey, it is sometimes cold out there. But the layering thing is getting out of hand. I don’t really see this hitting the mainstream at all. I don’t think most people have the time or patience to do unconventional layering. Which leads me to…

denim jacket layer 2
I’ve been doing this for years but only because I feel ripped off when I buy a denim jacket and I’m able to wear it maybe once or twice (it never really holds much in its pockets and doesn’t go with denim bottoms) so I wear it as an inside jacket after I take off my winter coat. Wow, fashion is so stupid.

Yes, that’s me.




denim jacket layer 3
I love that it’s basically the same guy 3 times and then a retarded William H. Macey.

No, really.
The very talented and fucking hot Richard Chai who has done stuff for Penguin and Marc Jacobs is one of the designers at the forefront of fashion’s new menswear vanguard. And with a growing Chinese market, more Asian faces (models, designers, stylists, photographers, bloggers) will mean more cashola for the industry. Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Thakoon and many others are becoming household names. My shitty local mall, which includes a Walmart and a Foot Locker, sells amazing Philip Lim 2.0 glasses. Start counting the amount of Chinese or Asian faces in magazines and advertisements. 5 years ago, you wouldn’t see an Asian model throughout the entire year and now every single issue has at least one slanty eye. The Asians are coming for you all. Especially Bryanboy.

Shit, I have to go to my parents’ now to look at their vacation photos. Snoozerama. More trend reports to come…





Viva Forever





Fred Perry x Dover Street

To celebrate 60 years of oversized polo shirts (or I’m just too thin for this shit), Fred Perry asked 60 shitheads from fashion, art and music to customize the classic Laurel Wreath logo polo for a traveling installation that’s gonna hit London and Beijing in the near future. They’re gonna be auctioned off to benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation which presumably funds programs to get susceptible youth hooked on drugs. Personally, I think some of these are pretty crappy eh?

Wtf Damon Albarn? Could you leave your African choir practice for just a bloody 15 minutes and make an effort?

This one is really cool. You can’t wear it as a fascinator, put it on your mantle or give it to your corgie to chew on.

A little representation from our favourite queer pop culture Canadiana smartass, Douglas Coupland. I actually like his design a lot. C’est tres Coups, bro.

Duffy’s is my favourite. I would wear this in a second if they FUCKING CAME IN MY SIZE.

And an embarrassing entry from our very own Harry Rosen. Looks like Harry and Damon Albarn called each other to Skype about their designs.

Horace Panter, you clever fuck.

Raf Simons, of course. No surprise he chose his usual vigilante activist chic as the design. Punk rockers will be lining up everywhere at Fred Perry stores to bid on this one.

You can view most the collection here.

Congrats Fred Perry!

Tangible Results








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Scarf Ace








1:43 for sure. But only when he doesn’t talk. Ugh, watch this on mute.

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