Chinese Work Ethic Sunny Fong

Men's fashion carnage etcetera in all its naked glory…




We Shall Overcome?

Story here.
A sad reminder that homophobia and intolerance still exist even from the people who gave you life and who are supposed to love you unconditionally. Straight allies and gay people, support your LGBT youth!

Lead of State

No joke: someone saw a photo my friend had of me and thought it was a photo of Obama. Haha.

Interview Magazine’s Clever Undie Spread

Well, you have to hand it to Interview Magazine. After all these years, they’re still kickin’. Here’s a clever way of selling underwear: a Grindr parody using fashion’s top male models:

I have several of those Hugo Boss ones in a boy short.

25 more boys here.

I doubt the folks at Grindr are gonna have a problem with this spread as it just brings them some more buzz. This is such a tease. Damn Blackberry doesn’t have Grindr on it. Oh well. I’ll have to pick up the old fashion way (which is what these days?).

MDNA in Paris – Director’s Cut

If you missed the live stream, here is a released director’s cut of the one-time intimate club show she did for loyal fans.

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