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Month: May, 2012

Bad Gay Porn Acting

My new favourite thing:

“A gloryhole? What’s that?”

This one’s the best:

“Leth geth sssssomething sthraigt…”



Tonight. Big M will be performing her first show in Tel Aviv.
Just a sneak peek at Jean Paul Gaultier’s cone braw redux for the MDNA Tour.

God, I still love JPG.

Sean Avery’s Buttcrack by Terry Richardson




Hey Sloppy Seconds, leave Sean alone.

“Drunk Surfing”

A video showing how Hollister recruits those shirtless door guys. I think I’d be Preston if I didn’t apply myself.

Fashion carnage at its finest.

Rachel McAdams

Gareth Thomas is Gross But Hot

It’s too bad Mickey Rourke is gonna play Gareth Thomas in a biopic instead of Tom Hardy. Who wants to see Mickey Rourke with another guy? Ugh. Really really too bad. But it’s nice to see a professional footballer coming out and defying stereotypes. He’s pretty gross but I’d still hit it.

And in honour of Gareth Thomas coming out of the closet, Christian Louboutin has also created a special super faggy shoe to mark the occasion. You can even sorta see a reflection of the trademark red soles. I quite like how smooth they are. The cum splatters from the baths will wipe right off when he gets home.


The Dream of the 50’s is Alive in Portland #2…

Some very androgynous… Okay, I’ll just say it: GAY GAY GAG-GAY menswear from a fashion show in 1951. The video’s pretty sexually suggestive as well.

This could easily have been straight out of a collection by Vivienne Westwood or Galliano. Not too far off from a lot of the stuff coming out now.

Anyway, vintage faggotry! How delightful!

The Dream of the 50’s is Alive in Portland…

Photographs of some hip fellas from 1953. Yeah, really.


Folic Acid

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