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Month: April, 2012


You know, a statement about consumerism, beauty standards, the environment, the male gaze and gender.
It’s herstory. But she’s no Jane Rivers.

I miss art school.


Cheer up, Ralph

Depressed Ralph Lauren Releases New Wrinkled Dress Shirt With Marinara Stain On It

“Belts are reportedly not among the accessories included in the collection because, according to company press materials, ‘Does it even matter if your pants fall down at this point?'”

Awwww. Buck up, Ralphy. More about Lauren’s depression here.

Nelly’s Bigger and Better

New song. New sound. I guess she’s ditching the Lifestyle album? The Spirit Indestructible will be out June 9! Can’t wait. Huge Nelly fan here.

Love the drum & bass elements at the end of Big Hoops.

The Queen

Beep Beep Faggot




Where friends came to see friends to watch Friends for the very last time…



In Memory

Björk in New Yörk paying tribute to her biggest musical influence.

“Honey, lemme check Tripadvisor…”

You can stay here if you want.

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