Siki Im Fall 2012

by sunnyfong

The more I see from Siki Im, the more I get excited for menswear’s future. What a young talent and although his looks can look unwearable, his lines are clean, his clothes look durable and the subtle details are smart. These are pieces that a very strong male would wear. Hello, the next Raf Simons.

The hairbands give me douchchills. I do like the black on black on black. I also really dig that coat. It’s a beautiful cut and fits well.

I also like this coat because it looks like a giant tarp. I like tarps.

I think the design of this coat is so fresh and new. Want want want.

I don’t understand the popcorn print. Things seem to be going downhill.

And scene. I think I had these pants when I used to rave.