P for Pancetta

by sunnyfong

So Adrian Wu used Anonymous (or P for Pancetta) masks on the runway at Toronto Fashion Week and it “baffled” people according to the Toronto Star. Why was this so baffling? Are fashion audiences so ridiculously out of the loop that they don’t know what Anonymous is? And why is the model’s head cut off in the article? Anyway, Wu released a statement to the press to explain his inspiration and styling choices and I love it so much, I want to print it out and frame it. Here it is verbatim:

“This collection is titled “Hierarchy of Needs”. I wanted to do a collection that ascetically looked dramatic, romantic, and a little bit wearable but very much a reflection of my own technique. Three years ago I came across a new way of sewing. I invented this sort of minimalistic bodice and ‘inverted pleating’ and it is these techniques that maybe have created a sort of new language in fashion. The cuts of the collection are taken by the ideas of old parisian clothing, the colours to the silhouette. Philosophically, I like my work to have context. I used the mask as a commentary to the specific comparisons between North American Politics versus European Politics and how it effects Human Rights by citing the movie “V for Vendetta”. My dream continues to be that one day I be hired by the house of Dior. I invite you to question every aspect of my work, from the pieces to the environment. I am inspired by people and people who effect my life. Enjoy”


God, fucking fashion and art people are so fucking stupid sometimes. It’s amazing that I didn’t kill anyone when I attended OCAD or that I was able to keep my lunch down after reading that.

I have a collection of horribly written artist statements that I had stolen from various galleries and former peers. I take them out to read every once in a while to remind myself of why I left the art world to do community work instead. At the end of the day, why someone made something is so irrelevant to the world and to release a statement to clarify the collection’s inspiration (without spell-checking nonetheless) is just great schadenfreude for me. Like reading a pretentious artist statement, I find so much pleasure in younger fashion people attempting to wax poetic about their clothing design. In the end, it’s just fabric on a body. Like Robin Kay said the other day, fashion is not art. It’s ultimately for selling products and making a profit. Is that cynical? I think it’s more realistic than cynical. Fashion is artistic and can take the viewer into very creative areas. But to try to connect it to art actually undermines the business and industry. Fashion stands on its own. And here I am waxing fucking poetic about it. Back to the actual collection…

I actually like the masks and the hair styling. I think the texture of the shoes are interesting but a little clunky for my tastes. They are what’s happening next in footwear so I give him props for not just choosing some boring heels. There’s a grunge vibe south of the vagina so I somewhat dig it. The silhouettes are unique and it’s obvious Wu has real talent. I just wish he didn’t choose landscaping tarp for his draping.

Anyway, he should shut the fuck up and keep making clothes.