Giorgio Armani Fall 2012

by sunnyfong

Wait, what? Fall 2012? The weather this week has been borderline summer weather. Highs of 19! So why are we looking at Fall 2012? Because fashion shows are always two seasons ahead which is great for buyers I guess but not so great for the consumer since the looks come out, they get reported and they kinda get forgotten for a while till they hit the stores and magazine spreads. So I guess it makes sense but since I can’t actually afford fashion most of the time, I can just translate the trends from the winter collections into my spring/summer 2012 get-ups. Wow, what a first world problem: trend forecasting. Woe is fucking me.

I am not afraid to admit that I watch, wear, buy and follow trends. Anyone in fashion who says otherwise is lying or in denial. Fashion can be unique but nothing’s original anymore. Everything is derivative and that’s totally fine! Bring it on! Okay, I’ll stop. Lemme share a few of my favourites from a very unique Giorgio Armani collection for Fall/Winter 2012.

Personally, cerulean has never been something I’d wear but as a short double-breasted peacoat, I’d think about it. It’s a beautiful piece though. That would look fantastic in a store window or walking down the streets of Paris. Something really great about bright colours being worn on old streets. It’s a thing I have and I always stare at guys in bright coats when I’m in Europe. In Paris, I was doing double-takes all over the place.

I used to have pants like this but I threw them out. I’m thinking about trying a pleated pant this summer but not sure if I want to go this extreme. It can look like you’re wearing a diaper full of shit.

Not crazy about the dullness of the coat or the cut. I also don’t really like the black buttons but the collar is super duper. Modern and fresh.

I’m also not a vest fan as I find it can be hit or miss. But the zippered vest on this look is super sharp and expensive looking. Definitely an 80’s mood to this collection.

I love a nice buff guy in a sharp duffle coat. I Think duffle coats should be slightly oversized and heavy looking but not necssarily ill-fitting or dumpy. This is a really nice take on it design-wise.

Anyway, I’m not running to the Armani store anytime soon but it’s nice to see his team pushing the limits. I think any of this stuff could be mistaken for Jil Sander or Commes des Garcons. No more beige linen pants and Nehru jackets these days.