Hyden Woooooo!!!

by sunnyfong

Fuck, I love getting shit in the mail. The retail boycott was put on hold temporarily to open this shirt box. I had credits to use so I ordered a beautiful Hyden Yoo shirt with pleated shoulders.

I really like Hyden Yoo but you have to be pretty selective because a lot of it is borderline gaybot. A little too many exposed inner thighs, bowties and prissy looking silhouettes. But I like a lot of the separate pieces mixed with more rugged stuff. I also appreciate simple clothing with details that you have to look closely to see. The pleats on this shirt makes me feel like I’m wearing a coat of armor. So understated.

Fun fact: Hyden Yoo won $50, 000 on the third season of Fear Factor and he used it to start his business. So Fear Factor was the reason why I got this amazing shirt? Donkey semen for everyone!