Best Film of 2011

by sunnyfong

I might’ve been super into Moneyball and got teary-eyed watching old baseball footage but sorry Brad, Weekend by Andrew Haigh is my favourite film of 2011. Hands down. Not your average gay film. In fact, it would be an insult to put it in the same category as those low budget gay-targeted movies that feature gay clubs, hot guys, random sex and drugs. Weekend has all that too but merely utilized to establish settings and scenes as opposed to the obligatory clichés used in gay rom coms to establish stereotypical characters. Disclaimer: no hair gel, tight muscle shirts, guys named Todd or tans allowed in this movie. Looking for annoying hipster fags? This isn’t it. Looking for brawn and Aussie Bum underwear? Look elsewhere.

At first, I thought this was going to be this predictable overly artsy and banal take on a gay hook-up (even the trailer doesn’t do it justice) but Weekend is a beautifully shot, well-acted, emotionally powerful and sexy depiction of a budding short-lived relationship of two men. These are amazing actors and the film deserves every award it’s getting. Too bad it was snubbed by the Oscars but let Melissa McCarthy have her bone.

See it. *cough*