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Month: February, 2012

Hyden Woooooo!!!

Fuck, I love getting shit in the mail. The retail boycott was put on hold temporarily to open this shirt box. I had credits to use so I ordered a beautiful Hyden Yoo shirt with pleated shoulders.

I really like Hyden Yoo but you have to be pretty selective because a lot of it is borderline gaybot. A little too many exposed inner thighs, bowties and prissy looking silhouettes. But I like a lot of the separate pieces mixed with more rugged stuff. I also appreciate simple clothing with details that you have to look closely to see. The pleats on this shirt makes me feel like I’m wearing a coat of armor. So understated.

Fun fact: Hyden Yoo won $50, 000 on the third season of Fear Factor and he used it to start his business. So Fear Factor was the reason why I got this amazing shirt? Donkey semen for everyone!


Them 808 Drums – Madonna’s New Cougar Anthem

A new Madge single came out today. Looks like a cougar’s on the loose!

I’ll admit, I think it’s catchy but it sounds a little outdated but also really on the tip of the trance-euro-90’s revival that pop singers seem to be doing (if that makes any sense). A little Rihanna, a little Gaga, a little Avicii, a little dull.

Girls gone wild!

Honestly, I miss Stuart Price. Confessions was at least going somewhere sonically. But hey, Madonna’s fucking a 23 year-old and I’m alone so what the fuck do I know?

Hey Oscars

Well, at least I got a free meal and some wine out of it. But this is what I think of the Oscars:

I don’t know if I’m just getting more impatient or becoming more heterosexual but I definitely choose the Superbowl over this piece of ass-kissing shit. I think it will be a long time before I watch another awards show.

“Fun” Academy facts:
Out of the 5,765 Academy voters, 94% are male, 77% are white and the median age is 62. In 2011, only 5% of directors are female and not one black male actor was asked to present. Out of the 43 people who sit on the board, only one person is non-white and female. Very sad.



Did you know that a good majority of Americans surveyed think that Mitt is short for Mittens?

Best Film of 2011

I might’ve been super into Moneyball and got teary-eyed watching old baseball footage but sorry Brad, Weekend by Andrew Haigh is my favourite film of 2011. Hands down. Not your average gay film. In fact, it would be an insult to put it in the same category as those low budget gay-targeted movies that feature gay clubs, hot guys, random sex and drugs. Weekend has all that too but merely utilized to establish settings and scenes as opposed to the obligatory clichés used in gay rom coms to establish stereotypical characters. Disclaimer: no hair gel, tight muscle shirts, guys named Todd or tans allowed in this movie. Looking for annoying hipster fags? This isn’t it. Looking for brawn and Aussie Bum underwear? Look elsewhere.

At first, I thought this was going to be this predictable overly artsy and banal take on a gay hook-up (even the trailer doesn’t do it justice) but Weekend is a beautifully shot, well-acted, emotionally powerful and sexy depiction of a budding short-lived relationship of two men. These are amazing actors and the film deserves every award it’s getting. Too bad it was snubbed by the Oscars but let Melissa McCarthy have her bone.

See it. *cough*




Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip


A: An artist who gives me goosebumps when he plays live. Whitney Shmitney. I will definitely lose it when Paul passes away.

And in the end,

The love you take

Is equal to

The love you make.

Burberry Fall Winter Collection 2012/2013

I’ll have to admit, Burberry’s Fall 2012 Collection kinda looks like how I started dressing a few years back: a little dandy, a little cheesy, a little bit Newsies. I’m kinda glad Burberry never succumbs to prevalent trends by regurgitating American heritage or nautical. A plaid shirt is a plaid shirt is a toggle sweater is a toggle sweater sometimes. But Christopher Bailey takes what looked of-the-moment maybe even just a few years ago and reinterprets it again to make it look current. It’s a certain confidence in the design that allows big brands like Burberry to get away with updating perpetual classics without straying too far from what’s hot.

The pants are a little euro-trash and the shoes are pointier than what’s going on right now but there’s a self-assured way of dressing that Burberry brings to their customer no matter what it is. The obvious violations are the “2 sizes too short” outerwear and the pedestrian silhouettes.

Nothing too avant-garde and nothing outwardly fashion-forward. But the difference is in the surprising details.

The insane pops of colour and combinations that are completely unique to what’s happening now. Dare I say there’s a fabulous drabness to those mustard lines and accessories (a key colour this year for menswear) and in combination with the wine, a fresh new palette is born. Retro peanut butter and jelly I want to say but futuristic at the same time. Some might say that Burberry might be having an identity crisis (phasing in and out of rock and roll, luxury, sportswear and slightly resort-ish garb) but at least it’s always very me.

I am the perfect Burberry customer: Asian, wishy-washy, obsessive about luxury, interested in details, rock and roll sensibilities, likes to play with people’s perceptions and experimental without being too gaudy. Call me a fuddy duddy but my tastes border on outdated sometimes. Burberry gives me goosebumps though!


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