Revamping Club Monaco

by sunnyfong

Canadian men’s style can be difficult to define especially with the increased access to quality design from around the world. More companies are now shipping to Canada and competing with our beloved Canadian labels and local retailers. Maybe Canadian men’s style doesn’t have to be defined by Canadian labels anymore. Purchased by Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco is aiming to give the men of Toronto something to rave about. Aaron Levine and Michael Williams (from A Continuous Lean) have been given the task of revamping a brand that sort of plummeted into the depths of retail hell for a while. Honestly, I stopped shopping there when the sizes went up and the prices reflected the amount of extra fabric they needed to make clothes for fat Americans. God knows, I can only have so much oatmeal in my closet. But then all of a sudden, I noticed some new pieces in the windows and was surprised to find that “XS” was back on the racks.

Now Club Monaco is tackling the booming menswear market in a slightly more strategic way. Heritage branding and some third-party labels (Tanner Goods, Clark’s, Aether and more) will hopefully compete well with the “failing” J. Crew store here in Toronto. Who goes to Yorkdale regularly anyway? Suburbanites with money, not downtown hipsters which J. Crew so wants to target. And with the increased pricing and lack of menswear at J. Crew, I think Club Monaco is going to do just fine. The very first Men’s Shop in the world has opened up in Yorkville and I am excited to pop in to see the new digs at Bloor and Avenue. So yay for Canada (sort of).

Ironically, one of the most interesting new additions to the Men’s Shop is the limited edition Made In USA line of handmade ready-to-wear pieces including ties, trousers and suiting.

I’m on a retail boycott right now but it doesn’t hurt to look.

Club Monaco Men’s Shop
157 Bloor Street West
(416) 591-8837